tears for andy


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Regardless of who you were rooting for today, you had to feel a bit bad for Andy Roddick following his 16-14 in-the-fifth loss to Roger Federer, the man who has now beat A-Rod on 19 of 21 tries.

In his post-match interview with Sue Barker, Roddick was beyond brief, answering his questions quickly and striding back to his place at the net, obviously overcome with defeat and grief in what was the longest Wimbledon finals match ever.

Federer (who can blame him?), was beaming in his interview. Though he tried to console Andy with a “I’ve been there too, buddy,” it didn’t quite seem to work. Will Andy ever win Wimbledon? Another slam? We sure hope so…

A photo of a near-tears Roddick during Fed’s interview. Video is here.

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(first image via getty; second via youtube screen grab)


10 Responses to “tears for andy”

  1. arishuza Says:

    haha…cry baby roddick!

  2. Meli Says:

    I’m not a fan of his, but I wanted him to win and I feel horrible for him. I hope he’ll have another chance of winning a Slam.
    And sure, Roddick is the cry baby here. Because Federer has never cried when he lost a GS final.

  3. JFK (nbc hater) Says:

    I’m a Fed fan, but I feel absolutely gutted for Roddick. He showed his heart and soul on the court and it still wasn’t enough. I hope with his new form, new coach, and superb play that he can win US Open 2009 and Wimbledon next year. He can’t give up now. Don’t give up, Andy!

  4. Ryan Says:

    Congratulations for Federer in gutting out his 15th slam title and congratulations for Roddick for making Federer gut it out.

    Even though there could only be one person to get the trophy, there were two champions out there today. Bravo. An incredible final to watch.

    I do hope that Roddick will only take the positives from this tournament and take it to Murray and Djokovic (and maybe even Nadal and Federer) in tournaments to come.

  5. brian Says:

    @ Meli: “And sure, Roddick is the cry baby here. Because Federer has never cried when he lost a GS final.”

    Yeah, right.

    Australian Open 2009 Men’s Singles Final.
    Federer CRIED like a wussy when he lost to Nadal.

  6. haaaallll Says:

    I hope Fed stops wearing ugly, pompous ‘RF’ or ’15’ jackets. its getting really old. we dont need a freakin monogram to figure out who you are.
    And i personally think hes the most ungracious winner, EVER.
    My only hope is that Roddick will continue to get better and win another slam!

  7. chris Says:

    i think i even cried a little bit for andy on sunday.

  8. brendan Says:

    to haaaalllll

    “ungracious winner” ? uh, given the circumstances – winning his record 15th GS in front of laver and sampras, and reclaiming the trophy he covets the most after losing an equally gutting 5 setter last year – i think federer was VERY gracious.

    he purposefully did not fall to his knees – whereas he did in ALL previous 14 wins – out of respect for andy. he rushed to the net to give andy a hug, and even commiserated with andy on knowing how difficult it is to lose a five setter in the finals, having lost two himself recently

    federer didn’t just win another GS. he won his 15th! his win should not be overshadowed by the loss of roddick.

  9. Erwin Says:

    why is it that when Rafa tries to console the loser, it seems to have more oomph. but when Roger does it…?

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