Just In Case you were wondering how Andy Roddick is feeling after his heart-wrenching loss to Mr. 15-Slams himself:

Picture 2

Oh, and Just In Case you missed the link that Paddy put up the other day on ‘british bruises‘, here’s a sneak peek. Click on the photo to get more of a glimpse of Team Murray.

Picture 3

(screengrabs from twitter.com and andymurray.com, respectively)


2 Responses to “jic…”

  1. JFK (nbc hater) Says:

    Glad to see Andy is doing okay. He must be crushed, but I think he has gained alot of respect, especially to people who have written him off. Go Andy!

    Lol @ Murray’s pictures. How many ice baths does this guy take?

  2. chris Says:

    the only one i’d shag is the one in the foreground … who is that?

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