looking into the crystal watch


Picture 2

Who knew Rolex was a top-notch fortune teller?!

I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, The Economist, yesterday while riding the subway in NYC and noticed a full-page ad from Rolex featuring Wimbledon’s picturesque Centre Court. I’m always interested how advertisers deal with tennis people, places and things; how they are depicted, what sort of editing they do – but this ad looked like just a plain old shot of tennis’ most famous court.

There was Roger Federer, standing on one side of the next, serving up the ball to… oh, wait, is that Serena Williams?! Yes, that’s right. On one side was Mr. Fed himself, and the other – Serena.

Seems as though the people at Rolex, who put together this ad long before the 2009 fortnight began, have been peering into their crystal watches to predict the future. Serena and Roger were champions this year, something even few tennis experts got right in their pre-slam predictions.

Upon further inspection at the company’s web site, I was greeted by a freshly-produced, full-page spread of Federer holding the Wimbledon trophy.

I sure hope those ad people at Rolex are getting some bonuses this week. They deserve them.

UPDATE: The issue of The Economist went to print June 18th, days before The Championships even began.

Federer’s shot after the cut.

Picture 1

(screengrabs via Rolex.com)


3 Responses to “looking into the crystal watch”

  1. evie Says:

    They probably made a number of combinations and then dropped in the right one on Sunday. It’s not like these two were longshots.

  2. nmccarvel Says:

    On the contrary, evie…

    The issue was on newsstands June 15th. The Championships had yet to begin then!

  3. Luella Says:

    Well Serena and Roger are both past winners and they were London betting odds on favorites to win in 2009. Perhaps that the logic they used in pre-picking them.

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