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July 10, 2009

Playing 16-14 fiddle: While most of the tennis world was focused on one 16-14 final-set match, there was a second last weekend at Wimbledon. Two American teens, Jordan Cox and Devin Britton, both highly-touted, staged a fierce semifinal encounter in the Boy’s Singles draw. Cox, of Bolletieri roots, came out on top 6-3, 6-7(5), 16-14.

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Cox (on the right) told his hometown paper in Duluth, Minn., that the two boys are “practically brothers.” Wouldn’t it be nice to see an Andy-and-James second coming in American tennis? We’ll see about that for now, as Cox lost in the finals. Britton is a hitting parter for the American Davis Cup team this weekend in Croatia.

Sania saved: From a crazy, weirdo-stalker. Jeez, hasn’t this girl been surrounded by so much controversy for such a mediocre career? Oh, and PS, girl it totes engaged now, too!

Just stop: Justin Gimblestob has been been Tweeting waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Look, Justin. We know that you used to play tennis and were decently good. But in all actuality, no matter how much you Tweet, you’ll always be known as the guy who made super inapprope comments about Anna K on the radio.

HOF-Bound: Monica Seles will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame this weekend. We Grunt You, Mons.

There’s no “I” in Team Tennis: The WTT has kicked off this past week for another summer of fun-time tennis. Anyone headed to watch some ball played on multi-colored courts?!


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July 10, 2009


So word on the street is that Serena’s big surprise is the launch of her new skincare line, Mission.

Contest: From now until July 21, Serena is hosting a contest to see what you can do in 90 seconds. (We’ve been told about what we can do in 90 seconds; it’s just depressing!) Enter at for the chance to meet Serena and win two VIP tickets to one of her upcoming tournaments. Other prizes include an autographed tennis racquet and $1,000 gift basket of Serena’s personal favorites. Contest updates via her Twitter feed (@serenajwilliams).

TiVo that s**t: Serena’ll be on HSN on July 23rd and 24th to sell…

– Oxygen-Active Daily Facial Cleanser, engineered with a unique, self-foaming oxygenating technology that cleans impurities, removes makeup, nourishes and renews skin in only 90 seconds. Antioxidant properties help fight free-radical damage and environmental aggressors. $39.99.

– Sugar Body Scrub (Honey Sugar) — Refined sugar granules suspended in a moisturizing gel that gently exfoliates the body, leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and healthy. $29.99.

– Restorative Body Butter (Honey Sugar) — A rich blend of natural extracts and moisturizing agents formulated to deliver superior nourishment and emollients to the skin to protect and hydrate. $24.99.

– Lip Balmer SPF 15 (Pomegranate) — A long-lasting lip balm in Serena’s favorite flavor, featuring moisturizing cocoa butter and soybean oil to hydrate and nourish lips. Added bonus – the formula is preservative and paraben-free. Also available in Pink Lemonade. $3.99

(image courtesy of Mission)

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