seles gets glammy


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Monica Seles got all glammed up for the cover of TENNIS Magazine’s August issue, which is on newsstands. took readers inside the shoot today on its site, and we have several images for your perusing.

While TSF isn’t too big of a fan of the cover shot chosen of Seles (She’s looking very Michelle-Larcher-de-Brito SIMsy, right? Which in other words would be plainly: photoshopped.), the glamorous Seles was no doubt looking gorgeous and graceful. She recently was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, an honor that didn’t get quite the press coverage it deserved.

The cover was shot by New York photographer Erin Patrice O’Brien, who has done covers for NewsweekU.S. News & World Report and Bust, among others.

For many modern tennis fans, Seles was the first power player off both wings, and the Yugoslavian-born American ushered in an era of grunting, grit and guile that would spawn tennis champions and divas from Mary Pierce to the Williams sisters and Victoria Azarenka.

Seles is proving that her popularity post-stabbing was well deserved, as she continues to do good work through her charities, public appearances and recent book release. But TSF is really curious: what’s up with this whole dating thing? A little confusing, no?

More of Monica’s shoot after the cut.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 2
Picture 5

(screengrabs via; photography by Erin Patrice O’Brien.)


5 Responses to “seles gets glammy”

  1. The Binocular Says:

    good for her

  2. Paddy Says:

    Oof, poor styling choices = hot tranny mess, which is a shame because that is a decent dress, albeit with length issues.

  3. Carolee Says:

    She is a great lady, I wish her well. And, she’s beautiful!

  4. Joe Durica Says:

    Horrible, horrible cover. Not very attractive presentation.

  5. MichaelFaR Says:

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