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it must be… uso series time

July 21, 2009

The US Open Series has launched its commercials for the 2009 season, and we’re not so sure we love the babies produced by this year’s campaign. The theme, “It Must Be Love”, is a catchy one and certainly has potential, but most of the players seem to come off flat and, well, boring in their takes. What do you think? 

The commercials were shot in a single studio, with each player feeding off a prop or anecdote of some sort. For Andy Roddick, it was tricky shots. Serena Williams? Barbies. The thesis statement was obviously there, but for some reason, it just doesn’t transfer well on the small screen.

Here’s a peek at Venus‘ commercial, one of the ones TSF actually gave a giggle and a second watch to. Click here to see all the commercials…


tsf: this stuff’s fresh

July 21, 2009

Picture 1
Shh! I’m online: 
In less than one month, the US Open qualifying tournament will be underway, meaning that the official “US Open fortnight” will be underway. There won’t be any queuing at this major championships, but fans will flock to Flushing, Queens, to get a glimpse of tennis elite at the end of New York’s hot summer. Can’t you feel the excitement already?

For noise-weary fans and players alike, there’s a new place to get their internet on in New York City during the open: the library. The New York Public Library introduced a wi-fi reading room this week (above), a space the LA Times calls the “grandest wi-fi spot in the country.” We’re definitely staking out to see Rajeev Ram Tweeting on his Dell!

Where’s the chapstick?: Laura Robson has been busy Tweeting over the last three weeks after a somewhat disappointing performance at Wimbledon, where she made a good showing against Daniela Hantuchova in the first round before falling in women’s doubles and girl’s singles, eventually succumbing to injury. Laura has been a social butterfly in July, going out and staying in alike. Her current internet fave? This little ditty.

Maybe it was just her chapstick: The whole cocaine controversy with Richard Gasquet has just gotten more and more bizarre. Supposedly this news article – which we can’t read, (it’s in French!) – reveals new details of Richard’s frenching at a Miami club with “Pamela”, Gasquet’s latest beard. And Paul Newman of London’s The Independent is fuming over the whole thing. Maybe he just drank too much Red Bull, no? 

Mama Natty: French player Nathalie Dechy made more positive headlines today, retiring from tennis while announcing her pregnancy. The 30-year-old was a tour veteran and 2005 Australian Open semifinalist. We’ll miss you, Natty! (PS: See you in 18 months when you come back!)

A sad site of affairs: While the US Open is creeping up as the final major of the year, the tournament’s web site remains to be major-ly disappointing. Poor design, frustrating to navigate and just plain blah. The Aussie, French and Wimbledon all have impeccable sites, but seems like the folks in White Plains are content to keep things so 2001.

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