it must be… uso series time


The US Open Series has launched its commercials for the 2009 season, and we’re not so sure we love the babies produced by this year’s campaign. The theme, “It Must Be Love”, is a catchy one and certainly has potential, but most of the players seem to come off flat and, well, boring in their takes. What do you think? 

The commercials were shot in a single studio, with each player feeding off a prop or anecdote of some sort. For Andy Roddick, it was tricky shots. Serena Williams? Barbies. The thesis statement was obviously there, but for some reason, it just doesn’t transfer well on the small screen.

Here’s a peek at Venus‘ commercial, one of the ones TSF actually gave a giggle and a second watch to. Click here to see all the commercials…


2 Responses to “it must be… uso series time”

  1. JFK Says:

    Roger’s is funny because it sounds like he is using an American Accent in it, the way he says ‘Darth Federer’ lol.

  2. chris Says:

    i think i’ve only seen the roddick one on tv, but i actually liked it. filmed after wimbledon? i found it heartwarming actually.

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