robin: gladiator warrior?


Picture 3

In two month’s time, Robin Soderling has gone from a nobody to a Grand Slam finalist to a… gladiator?! The 24-year-old Swede donned a full gladiator get-up in Hamburg just a few days after winning his first clay-court crown in Bastad last week. His reasoning? The Sod is a big fan of Gladiator, the movie.

Well, we here at TSF are big fans of The Notebook, but you don’t see us paddling through bevies of swans while curiously ogling at our past lovers with a furrowed brow, now do you?!

But give props to the big Swede, who was in full costume for photographers and fans, and even took out his racquet (and sword!) for the photo op. Is being on tour that boring?! We sure hope not. But maybe a love interest between Robsies and Jelena Jankovic might spring up here in the near future. We’re pretty sure Janky would love this stuff.

More shots after the cut.Picture 1

Picture 2

(screengrabs via atp tour web site)


2 Responses to “robin: gladiator warrior?”

  1. JFK Says:

    That is hilarious! I don’t see JJ and him hooking up any time soon because he has a girlfriend. I saw her during the French Open trophy ceremony, she’s gorgeous.

  2. jenica Says:

    Oh Robin !You are definitely making me love you with this latest antic but ill definitely hate you if you went for someone as feeling beautiful as JJ and dump your beautiful gf in the process!

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