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While I’m usually not a big fan of mass-produced, cliched sort of fashion, I couldn’t forego the Wimbledon Shop when I was at the Championships last month. The place was jam packed with the always-recognizable Wimbledon towels, white tennis skirts, over-sized tennis balls (for autographs!) and classic tees and polos with the Wimbledon emblem etched across them.

I perused the store, inching past eager teens who most certainly had daddy’s credit card at the pretty pricey Shop, and found a couple items I liked. The first was this tee, a bright, aqua-blue number with “Wimbledon” shadowed down the chest toward the navel and a silhouette of a tennis player etched across the words. The picture here makes the shirt look wide, which most of the tees were in the Shop, so luckily, when I tried on an extra small (I’m usually a small or a medium), it fit like a glove.

Picture 1

My second choice was this colorful print tee on a grayscale shirt. This one got thrown in my “workout tees” pile, as it goes well with several of my choice bandanas. But most of the shirts in the Shop were 100% cotton, meaning they’re not the best for workout-produced sweat, and shouldn’t be worn in heavy humidity (trust me – trial and error).

Picture 3

Check out the best-selling Wimbledon item of the season and the shirt I would of picked up if only I had seen it after the cut…

According to Shop Wimbledon, the Shop’s official site, this book, Centre Court, is the best selling item of the summer. The book chronicles the history of tennis’ most hallowed court, and culminates with the story of the court’s roof being built.

Picture 2

And I would’ve loved this festive, Irish-inspired green tee had I seen it in the Shop. What do you think? And remember, if you’re considering buying from the shop, go a size smaller than usual… you’ll thank me when it arrives!

Picture 4

(screen grabs from Shop Wimbledon)


2 Responses to “sw19 fashions”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Mirka and Roger have had twins!!

  2. alex Says:

    check out this coverage of the team tennis stuff!!


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