Yes, folks, the babies are here! Mirka Vavrinec popped out twin girls – who will no doubt rival Lauren Davenport at Wimbledon 2027 – last night in Switzerland with Roger by here side.

TSF nabbed the first EXCLUSIVE pics of the little tennis champs, who Fed announced will be called Myla Rose and Charlene Riva. We’re pretty sure that’s Myla on the left, but they REALLY are twins, right?! Looks like little CharChar takes after Daddy in the crying category…


In any case, congrats to the happy parents from all of us here at TSF!

(photo illustration by erwin ong)


4 Responses to “baaaaaaaaaaaaabies!!!”

  1. JFK Says:

    haha, Funny picture, Erwin :D. I’m so happy for Fed and Mirka, they are going to be great parents and those little girls are going to be spoiled as heck.

  2. breadstix Says:

    Haha, that pic is hilarious. xD Oh twins, who’d have guessed all this at the beginning of the year… that sly dog Fed. ;D

    Oh, great blog by the way, been lurking for a while now but thought I’d drop a comment. 😀

  3. Carolee Says:

    I always thought Mirka was having twins, she looked so round so early! They will have their hands full and love every minute of it.

  4. kc Says:

    I am not amused!

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