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One of our fave t-shirt makers, Stick It Wear?!, has launched a brand new set of tees for the fall season, full of new characters and designs for tennis-savvy, fashion forward individuals.

Joe Duricathe creator and designer of SIW, has been a tennis fan since his childhood days in Chicago, and now spends time in his Southern California studio screening shirts and creating fantastic art. 

Joe called on simpler colors for his fall line, launching Martina Navratilova and James Blake-inspired tees, along with re-vamped selections for Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras and Andy Roddick. His “from Hero to Icon” slogan is as creative as the names he gives his shirts: “Czech Defect” for the Martina selection, “Block J” for Blake and “Thy Once King” for the Sampras style, seen below.

Picture 4

Durica’s line began a few years ago, and as the brand has grown, you can now find his merchandise online at Tennis Warehouse and through sporting goods retailer Midwest Sports. Not only are his creative stylings on trendy tennis tees, but due to popular demand, Joe now does car decals, which he is sure to mention go well on tennis bags, too. Prices are reasonable, ranging from $20 for a simple tee to $54.99 for a stenciled hoodie.

More of his delish designs after the cut…

Picture 5

Serena sports some booty in SIW’s “Bring Bling” on new performance tees.

Picture 6 
The Andy Roddick – “No Speed Limit” – car decal.

Picture 7

Detail of “Djokers Wild”, the new Novak Djokovic-inspired design.

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3 Responses to “sticking around”

  1. Adie Says:

    I’ve been lurking on this blog for a while and absolutely love it! Loving the unique tees as well. Serena’s booty and Djoker’s spiky hair are awesome!

  2. JFK Says:

    Those shirts are cool. I like the Safina and Ivanovic one!

  3. chris Says:

    can we get 10-20% off if we put in the promo code “tsf”? i mean, it only seems fitting 😉

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