short balls: npr makeover, tennishead2


Radio gets fresh on the net:, the news web site of National Public Radio, got an overhaul on Monday morning. Editors promise the new site to be “brighter, lighter, faster, easier to use, easier to search and more fun to surf.” While NPR rarely covers sports (especially tennis), the site is full of goodies from its national stations and links to its local stations from all over the country. Nothing like a dying medium going for a re-do, right? Maybe Andy Roddick inspired them, huh?

Tennishead takes two: Tennishead, our fave tennis ezine… and the world’s only tennis ezine launched its second issue today. Though we love the interactive features – like an introductory video from British player Anne Keothavong (the mag is based in the U.K.) – we’re a little puzzled as to why their big launch for issue number two is all about Wimbledon. Previewing Wimbledon, that is… didn’t the Championships happen a month ago? Perhaps we’re a big confused, but in any case, peruse the 30 pages of bright delight (with pop-ups and sound effects, too!) and keep up with this pub. We expect them to keep churning out good, relevant and ahead-of-the-times content.
Picture 3

MLdB is a little awkward in that SIM-ulated top, no?

Corn-fed Bromance?: What two American tennis personalities got all huggy-duggy in Indianapolis last week? Check the shot after the jump.

Picture 2

Robby Ginepri was 4-13 on the season prior to his win in Indy. Was Justin the key to his success? We kinda doubt it.

(screen grab via; photo via Justin Gimelstob Twitter)


One Response to “short balls: npr makeover, tennishead2”

  1. Stevie B Says:

    Actually, tennishead were promo-ing their magazine, not internet-related at all! What you’ve got pics of is the e-zine.

    I picked up a copy of the mag on the way to Wimbledon last month, its HUGE!

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