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It certainly wasn’t “The Bump Heard Around the World“, but when Sabine Lisicki and Caroline Wozniacki ran into each other in the Fourth Round at this year’s Wimbledon, plenty of people took notice. One of those people was 21-year-old Londoner  Brad.

Imagining (and hoping for) a long-lasting Lisicki career, Brad predicts that if the fresh-faced German has any major rivals in her career, there’s only one he’s interested in: “Oh, definitely Wozniacki, those two are totally made for each other. It’s the whole ball-basher versus counterpuncher dynamic they’ve got going on…”

After reading such an opinion, it’s not hard to believe that Brad (himself as fresh-faced as Sabine) is the author of the new, slick-looking Sabine fan blog on Blogger. Brad promises to keep fans up to date on Sabine’s on and off court happenings via his week-old blog, but what caught our eye is the unique art (above) the blog-master produces and showcases on his cyberspace.

The graphic above is an original by Brad, and below is a creation by his friend, Louisa

Picture 3

Find out more about Brad from our quirky interview, check out a couple more Brad originals and see for yourself the Lisicki-Wozniacki bump after the cut.

Picture 2Brad put together a quality, eye-catching banner for

TSF: What sort of future do you think Sabine has on the tour? 

Brad: I think Sabine’s got a very bright future ahead of her. With her huge serve, solid ground game and variety of shots, she will mature into a great all-round player. She’s already established herself as a threat on both fast and slow surfaces. She’s beaten top players like Lindsay Davenport and Dinara Safina on Hard Courts, and this year alone has notched victories over several top 10 players, like Venus Williams, Svetlana Kuznetsova and Caroline Wozniacki.

TSF: With more success, do you think she’ll become a German star?

Brad: Well, you know, whenever a big star emerges in sports, interest in his or her country always skyrockets. Tennis isn’t anywhere near as popular in Germany these days as it was back when Boris Becker and Steffi Graf were still active. Sabine’s already being billed as the next Steffi Graf and if she keeps on playing the way she has done in the past few months, she’s got a real shot at hitting it big and getting tennis back to where it was during Germany’s Golden Years in the sport. But hey, no pressure.

TSF: No pressure, indeed! Speaking of pressure, has Sabine contacted you or supported you in any way?

Brad: Not so far, but to be fair the blog has only been up for a week or so. I do bug her on Twitter pretty regularly to make sure she knows my ramblings are out there. Here’s hoping she’ll get around to reading them!

TSF: What’s your favorite part of Sabine’s game?

Brad: The way she bumps into her opponents on court. I kid, I kid, but that was a pretty “meow” moment.

I love her serve, it’s a thing of beauty. She’s one of the fastest female servers on the tour at the moment and unlike, say, Serena (who also happens to be one of my favourite players), Sabine’s power seems to come mainly from her hips rather than the legs. So that makes it very interesting to watch. 

TSF: But if she didn’t have that hip-popping power, what do you think Sabine would be doing for a living?

Brad: She has a very charming personality, so I think that she would’ve made a good news reporter or a chat show host. (Not one of those cheezy ones where the generic doped-up audience laughs in the background at anything remotely funny.)

TSF: Oh, so like a cooler, more put together Wendy Williams. We get it.

Brad’s work in the design field is rather impressive. Check out his desktop designs either here or here. Or see our faves below. Could you make a new banner for TSF, Bradsy?! We’re thinking something feature our favorite SIM, MLdB.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Oh… and you know we wouldn’t forget this:

No mirrors involved in this same-outfit bumping melodrama.

(screen grabs via


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  1. ari shuza Says:

    i know that this is COMPLETELY off-topic regarding this post, but PLEASE can you put some delicious pics of JEREMY CHARDY!!!!

    please please please!!

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