short ball(s): roger goes purple


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Purple People Eater: Roger Federer’s official site went purple over the weekend. Hmmm… that purple, green and white combo looks familiar to us. What do you think?!

Third best: Somehow Elena Dementieva has had a difficult time grasping the concept of Twitter. The Russian updates her account in third person, usually linking to article on, well… herself. “Elena still can’t figure out Twitter.”

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5 Responses to “short ball(s): roger goes purple”

  1. Mina Says:

    Roger’s official site always changes the background colour of his site depending on the current surface of the season – purple for hardcourts, red for clay, green for grass.

  2. Lindsay S Says:

    I think in general his site looks strangely amateur. He has a super fancy logo of his initials for the plastic bags that cover his tennis rackets, and yet his personal site looks like it was designed by some blogger who is obsessed with old school video games.

  3. JFK Says:

    That’s always how his site has been. I like it, it’s really simple. Some other player’s websites have annoying flashplayers and no substance. Roger’s site is really efficient.

  4. Lindsay S Says:

    But shouldn’t a man with so much personal style at least have a better design? (No flash necessary.)

  5. Nick Says:

    I don’t think Elena is in control of that twitter. If you go to it, there’s a website but that’s not Elena’s official website. So, someone else is doing it.

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