sweet 16… a little early?


Via L. Jon Wertheim’s Twitter, we noticed that Nike is betting on Sweet 16 for Roger Federer a little early. The company is selling a collector’s edition tee for fans that are banking on the world’s number one to take the title in New York City next month: “What are the chances he will make it two slams in a row when the US Open rolls around at the end of August ?” the site reads.

While we dig the RF logo on the front of the shirt, we’re not quite sure of the “Sixteen” written on the back. Click the link to see for yourself. 

Picture 1

The tees are 100% cotton dri fit and so far, only come in black. And, if you look closely on the linked page, the other apparel UK-base Pro-Direct is pitching on that page belongs to one Mr. Rafael Nadal. TSF loves a little apparel cat-fight when we see one.

(screen grab via pro-direct web site)


9 Responses to “sweet 16… a little early?”

  1. JFK Says:

    They better not jinx him.

  2. Steve Says:

    Except it would be three slams in a row…

  3. Eli Says:

    This pretty much guarantees he won’t win the US Open, to which I say: HA!

  4. Rafterfan Says:

    Exactly, Steve & JFK! Altho I’d love it if Roger did win #16, I wouldn’t mind Andy Roddick taking home the trophy this time.

  5. Bex Says:

    It’s someone else’s turn to win a slam, please don’t let him parade the ’16’ shirt in NY! I’ve only just rocovered from the ’15’ fashion show at Wimby…

  6. Mauricio Carrillo Says:

    Fed Will Win 19 Slams Nadal Only 11 And This Open Goes To Murray

  7. JFK Says:

    Oh Never mind, it was a hoax. Nike has nothing to do with this.

  8. Kat Says:

    wait, i clicked on the link but i dont see the 16…am i not seeing something??

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