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A quick weekend trip to the Brooklyn flea market reminded us that a shortage of creative, well-produced and trendy clothing for the masses will never, ever, ever occur. Online, that rings more true than at the market or boutique, especially since DIY web sites can look savvy and sell for cheap. Our latest find is a sports-inspired, quick-witted apparel company based out of Philadelphia appropriately named PhillyPhaithful.

Phaithful is owned and run by former ESPN employee, Dan Hershberg, a native Philadelphian who knows a thing or two about Philly sports phasion. Hershberg joined forces with cousin Paul Flaharty a year ago to form the company and the two went gaga over American Apparel blended cotton tees, which they use exclusively for their line.

But before we go phanatic (You’re loving the over-use of the ph, right? So are we.) over the the inbreeding that went on to birth this company, it’s suffice to say that if Hershberg and Flaharty dropped the stencil and silk screener and took off for London as hopefuls for the ever-entertaining British sports press, they’d have pretty good careers. The tees at Phaithful are full of caustic, witty phrases, most of which don’t pertain to the Philadelphia sports scene whatsoever, but rather Philly rivals (see above).

“Why support the Eagles when you can make fun of Plaxico Burress shooting himself in the leg while wearing sweatpants in the club?” Hershberg muses. “And, sure it’s great to buy a Phillies World Champions shirt, but isn’t it more entertaining to buy one that laughs at how unbelievably bad the Mets have been for two years running?”

Our fave happens to be that tee at the top, the Plexico Burress ditty. We wonder what kind of tees Phaithful would come up with for the tennis world? Perhaps Richard Gasquet plus coke-covered lips plus dancing club woman equals worst excuse slash beard cover up ever? A couple more Phaithful phaves (last time, promise!) after the cut…

Picture 4The Pattison and Broad is artsy on charcoal.

Picture 5Aloha, ladies: Girls get in on the action with this special tee that pays hommage to Phillies player Shane Victorino in a soothing cranberry color. Guys can get in on the Shane action, too. We likey Shaney. Wonder if he ever gets his cranberry on?

PhillyPhaithful tees generally run at $24.99 plus shipping and handling, while some tees sell for under $20. It reminds us of No Mas, and for good reason, right?

(screengrabs via phillyphaithful web site)


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