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wta headshots: part 2

August 10, 2009

My original plan for Part 2 of the WTA Headshots series was to go with the three most talked-about women of the last week: Flavia Pennetta, Kim Clijsters and Marion Bartoli. However, in doing research for another piece, I came across a couple of gems and just couldn’t resist putting them up. So, without further adieu, here’s installment numero dos of the headshots.

WTAHSCzinkMelinda Czink | Bravo’s newest installment of the popular Real Housewives series has gone global with the Real Housewives of Budapest. What better candidate is there than Ms. Melinda Czink, a Budapest native and a world-trotting tennis player with fashion zeal. You can see from her RHOB audition picture that Ms. Czink has a distinguished style, wearing a glimmering necklace and simple, pearl-inspired earrings. “I don’t think I look anything like Alex!” Melinda exclaimed in her audition tape, at the Budapest Valley Palms Mall last weekend. “And I would never hook up with Simon! Ewwwww!” We’re sure Melinda wouldn’t hook up with Simon, but not so sure she will play nice with the other, uppity housewives of Budapest.

Picture 1Daniela Hantuchova | In a bizarre, but not necessarily surprising turn of events, Daniela Hantuchova has announced that she will travel through time next month after the U.S. Open to 1972. The Slovakian said she has felt her whole life that living in the ’70s was what she was supposed to do, and now thanks to her dual citizenship in the country of North Korea, she will be launched to said decade in a matter of weeks. “It’s going to be far out,” Daniela said. And asked whether she may or may not try to battle with the tennis greats in her new decade, Daniela had this to say: “I already have.” Then she pulled out this photo as proof. Hey, we believe her.


tech addicts

August 10, 2009

The New York Times has an article out today on how our society is increasingly turning to technology (literally) when we wake up. Instead of brushing our teeth, eating breakfast or walking down the hall to rub the sleep out of our eyes, we’re opening laptops, checking BlackBerrys and making sure we catch up on anything we missed out on in the few hours we were asleep.

That goes for tennis players, too. Here’s a snapshot of Monday morning Twitter updates from a few of our faves. 

Picture 6

Picture 5

Picture 2

And to find out which former U.S. touring pro made an ill-advised book purchase over the weekend, click below.


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