ah, that’s better


Thanks to Mmmmhmm for catching our mistake

Picture 1

Mr. Djokovic, sans robe, after the cut…

Picture 2

(screengrabs via towleroad)


6 Responses to “ah, that’s better”

  1. Lear Says:

    My GOD!!! The object of my affection. If he was gay, he would so be my boyfriend. Guys and girls will love this pic. Thanks for posting this Corn Beef. I don’t know your actual name, so…sorry. lol

  2. Lindsay S Says:

    Those are some seriously tiny knickers.

  3. isaSuperstar Says:

    We love our Djoker 🙂

    I’m attending the Montreal Rogers Cup all week and it is a blast, so many great players. About the fashion catwalk, my sources told me that security were needed because the girls were going crazy with that many sexy specimen!

  4. Tennis online Says:

    Ha ha ha )) Djocovic stop playing tennis, go models

  5. Caca Says:


  6. tina Says:

    oh my god,hes hot! i was really shocked when i saw the bottom half of his first picture.lets just say i am sa fan of nole but he won me 10,000 times more when i saw these pictures,ahahahahaha im being crazy here.these are nice thanks for posting!

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