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taking on the stars

August 15, 2009

Picture 8

In just over a week, TSF will have the chance to sit down with a few of the game’s players at the Pilot Pen Championship in New Haven. While we aren’t sure just whose brain we will get to pick and play with, we are certain we want to ask some quirky, off-topic, killer Qs. That’s where you come in.

We want you to submit questions that you’d like the pros to answer. From fashion to tennis failures, from politics to favorite pizza, from socializing to sex(?!), we want to know what you want to know. Nothing is off limits, so submit away and we’ll compile our favorites for the stars!

(photo by dh2 via flickr.)


one-topic exhaustion

August 15, 2009

Picture 2

It seems as though the tennis media (Comebacks galore!) has joined the mainstream media (Oh, those nasty town-hall meetings!) in a one-topic frenzy this past week.

There was Kim Clijsters and her “Mom-back” in Cincinnati, along with the growing entourage that Roger Federer had acquired and how Rafael Nadal would fare in Montreal. Meanwhile, news of Mary Pierce making an effort to return to the tour surfaced. There was even an announcement that Taylor Dent would receive a wild card in New Haven next week. What about Monique Viele?! We’re just waiting for her return

Well Clijsters, Federer and Nadal all lost in the quarterfinals (in different scenarios, mind you), but their comebacks are in full swing. Meanwhile, color made a full comeback to the tour as well this week, as players shed their Wimbledon whites for more summer-appropriate attire. While many players, like Clijsters and Andy Roddick, switched off between a colored top and a white one from day to day, summer brights were out to rule this week.

Our fave had to be Jelena Jankovic in her ruffled, canary yellow piece, on top. The Serb is trying to make a comeback of her own this summer. Bellies aren’t so fashionable on this tour… check out more shots after the cut.


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