one-topic exhaustion


Picture 2

It seems as though the tennis media (Comebacks galore!) has joined the mainstream media (Oh, those nasty town-hall meetings!) in a one-topic frenzy this past week.

There was Kim Clijsters and her “Mom-back” in Cincinnati, along with the growing entourage that Roger Federer had acquired and how Rafael Nadal would fare in Montreal. Meanwhile, news of Mary Pierce making an effort to return to the tour surfaced. There was even an announcement that Taylor Dent would receive a wild card in New Haven next week. What about Monique Viele?! We’re just waiting for her return

Well Clijsters, Federer and Nadal all lost in the quarterfinals (in different scenarios, mind you), but their comebacks are in full swing. Meanwhile, color made a full comeback to the tour as well this week, as players shed their Wimbledon whites for more summer-appropriate attire. While many players, like Clijsters and Andy Roddick, switched off between a colored top and a white one from day to day, summer brights were out to rule this week.

Our fave had to be Jelena Jankovic in her ruffled, canary yellow piece, on top. The Serb is trying to make a comeback of her own this summer. Bellies aren’t so fashionable on this tour… check out more shots after the cut.

Picture 1Federer had a dark turquoise on all week… maybe a choice of Charlene and Myla Rose? It didn’t help him in that third set disaster, that’s for sure.

Picture 3Elena Dementieva has made a career of wearing these Yonex onesies (really), but this sweaty tangerine get up isn’t really working for us. She always looks fit though, right? No bellies here. And, yes, we dig the classic visor.

Picture 7Serena was sporting a brighter yellow, complete with yellow fingernail polish (see lower left corner of picture). We can’t wait for her USO choice!

Picture 4You can always count on Rafa for some Mallorcan color. Too bad he put his guns away later in the week, right?

In other sporting realms, the San Antonio Silver Stars really, really need some color (and fewer stars) in their life while Nastia Lukin (as usual), is fierce in sparkly, glittery pink.

Picture 6

Picture 5(all screen grabs via getty images)


4 Responses to “one-topic exhaustion”

  1. Bárbara Says:

    Serena’s nail polish is gorgeous.

    A+++ for Nastia.

  2. Nez Says:

    the best dress Jelena ever wore was at the 2008 US Open. id like to see if she can better it… great design and complimented her really well

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    […] Zheng dons the same ANTA dress that we’ve seen Jelena Jankovic wearing this summer, but the Chinese woman just can’t […]

  4. and thanks to you, dress « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] columnist and active tennis author was candid on Jelena Jankovic’s dress this week in Cincy. We called it our favorite while Mr. Wertheim claimed it may have helped her win the […]

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