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In just over a week, TSF will have the chance to sit down with a few of the game’s players at the Pilot Pen Championship in New Haven. While we aren’t sure just whose brain we will get to pick and play with, we are certain we want to ask some quirky, off-topic, killer Qs. That’s where you come in.

We want you to submit questions that you’d like the pros to answer. From fashion to tennis failures, from politics to favorite pizza, from socializing to sex(?!), we want to know what you want to know. Nothing is off limits, so submit away and we’ll compile our favorites for the stars!

(photo by dh2 via flickr.)


10 Responses to “taking on the stars”

  1. Lexa - FUZZED Says:

    For Federer: Dubai has a reputation for a questionable government and unfair labor practices – are you and Mirka bothered about these things, since you have a residence there?

    How much input do you have towards designing your Nike clothing? The blue shirt you wore in Montreal didn’t like it was keeping you cool.

    For Murray: Has your success on tour changed your relationship with your brother Jamie?

    For Roddick: So many players seem mostly interested in looks in their girlfriends. All we see is that they’re pretty enough and they have jobs that allow them to see you on your terms, or else they’re unemployed. We don’t hear much about they’re being smart or having accomplished much for themselves. Comments?

    For Nadal: What’s happening with your parents’ divorce?

  2. a-tennis lover-ds Says:

    To Verdasco: When do you expect to get married. I hope it is soon enough, so us women can catch our breath. And, when you do get married, I hope everything goes very well! Also, don’t pose for pictures w/ guns. That was an ugly move. Too much violence in the world as is!!!!

    To Monfils: When are you going to calm down and play like the good tennis player you are? Don’t be a entertainer (clown.) Not to mention, you may cause yourself unnecessary injury.

    To Ferrer: Just curious, do you have a girlfriend? You seem like a nice man, not a player, and should have a girlfriend.

  3. Meli Says:

    I’m with Lexa on the Dubai question to Federer. I’d like to know what he thinks, since he’s a UN ambassador (although I don’t think Federer is playing in New Haven).
    And I’m with a-tennis lover on the Monfils question, since his behavior on court annoys the hell out of me.

  4. nmccarvel Says:

    What sort of questions do you have, Meli? Say we sat down with Taylor Dent, Mardy Fish, Amelie Mauresmo or Caroline Wozniacki? What would you ask them?

  5. Nexty Says:

    Fans and reporter always ask weird and tactless questions. If you had a question of that kind to ask each of your fans, what would it be?

    Optional: what would be the expected answer ?

  6. Meli Says:

    To Amelie Mauresmo, I would like to ask her whether she was ever discriminated against after she came out, especially in the locker room. I’d also like to ask her how the French treat their players. I mean, I know the French crowd puts a lot of pressure on their players, but what happens after they lose? Do they cut them some slack or not? The last question goes for any French player in the tournament.
    To the ATP players in general, I’d like to ask them how would they feel if Murray reached the #1 position without winning a Grand Slam, since everyone is making such a fuss about Safina being #1.

  7. Lindsay S Says:

    For any player that trains/practices with other players on the circuit (eg: Andy Roddick and John Isner): do you think the fact that you’ve spent extensive time training with a player is an advantage during a tournament match with that same player? Is it easier to read them and perhaps mess with their head (and vice versa for them with you)?

    For Del Potro: Is your fitness level a concern to you (since you could barely finish the match against Murray in Montreal on Sunday)? Is this something you’ll be working on, going forward?

  8. Lindsay S Says:

    Oooh, should you get the opportunity to ask Roddick a few questions, you should ask if he could guess the type of tennis ball he’s hitting without seeing the brand (since he’s the one that was complaining the most about switching brands in the middle of the US Open series).

    Also, I can guarantee Nadal won’t talk about the divorce. If you watch that interview he did with Spanish TV, the closest he comes is to saying how he’s “over it.”

  9. JFK Says:

    Can you ask Caroline Wozniacki about that ‘bump in’ she had with Sabine during the changeover at Wimbledon? And if they get along at all?

  10. LA Says:

    I would ask Amelie Mauresmo “have you thought about what you want to do when you’re done with tennis”? “what is your favorite American food when you are playing here”

    Andy Roddick……”do you think Notre Dame has a chance of getting into a decent bowl game this year”?

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