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short balls: tgiatftuso (!!!)

August 22, 2009


That’s Thank Goodness it’s Almost Time for the US Open, of course! We couldn’t help but putting another shot of Street Tennis up from Toronto. It just looks SO COOL! Espesh from above, right?

TSF will be invading the Pilot Pen tomorrow in New Haven, and we’re hoping for a great day of Connecticut weather for some big-time tennis! Don’t forget to submit your questions for the stars so when we sit down in the interview room we don’t look like total idiots – we need your help!

Okay, Short Balls… here we go:

Web star. Tour flop? Sania Mirza continues to be a presence on the WTA Tour, but the hope that the Indian beauty might one day be a Top Ten star has fizzled into oblivion the last couple of years. Her barrage of injuries almost compares with her off-court distractions, which includes fighting off a stalker, marrying a man with the last name of her and doing plenty of fashion shoots. So perfect timing for Mirza to reveal a new personal web site. We love it. So glam, so Sania. Now can she win some tennis matches, please?

Big splurge. Wanna guess what Serena’s latest big-time purchase was? We bet not even the biggest of Williams fans could pull this one out. Think aquatic.

Tees for char-i-tee. Though her road has been rather bumpy on tour this year, Ana Ivanovic has continued to do her good-will work for UNICEF and the WTA. This week, the star revealed her collection of UNICEF tees. While we appreciate the gesture, this entire collection (seven shirts in all) is just messy all together. No fashion focus and just too much going on print wise. 

Picture 1

Fashion first. Who cares that the top four men have advanced to the Cincy semis today, we’re all excited about lady’s fashion from last week! Just discovered this piece from the Cincinnati Enquirer about the colors alive on court last week. We agree, Janelle!

(street tennis image via wta tour web site; UNICEF shirt via tennis warehouse)


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