sunday survey: what do you think?


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We’re not sure if we really care what you think, but we might as well ask, right? TSF is headed up to New Haven, Connecticut, for a day at the Pilot Pen. So excited?!? Yes we are.

We’re taking the train from Grand Central in NYC and it’s got us thinking about the US Open next week. Here’s a question for our brand-new, we-want-to-hear-from-you, Sunday Survey.

Which players – men or women – would be most likely to take the train (regional or subway) to the US Open? Who can you imagine sitting (or standing!) next to on public trans, his or her bag at their feet? It would take a special one, so we want to know who you think could rough it with the best…. ooops, the rest of us.

(photo by DanielKHC via flickr.)


4 Responses to “sunday survey: what do you think?”

  1. leftbrian Says:

    Hm…I would say Jill Craybas and Vania King. They seem like down-to-earth, normal people, who take trains to work.

  2. em Says:

    sveta and davydenko the most

    but also jj, of course not without attention and drama

  3. Hair Replacement Says:

    Seriously, I think they all have US Open car service taking them to the venue. If you go to the Parker Meridien hotel in NYC, you will see all the US open official vehicles lining up outside waiting to take the players to Flushing.

  4. Caro Pastorius Says:

    I went there in 1998 when it was just women: Steffi Graf and Lindsay Davenport were among the players… it was a thrill seeing these people up close. It’s too bad that the tournament is so close to the US Open.

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