no fuzz on these balls


Picture 2Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Which already-in-NYC ATPer had some meatballs for dindin?!??

We’ll give you one hint: they’re rather common where he comes from. Answer after the jump.


Yep! You got it. It’s Gladiator Soderling. Thanks to James LaRosa, Tennis Channel blogger extraordinaire, we noticed the Swede had posted a Tweet complete with a picture of his less-than-appetizing looking dinner. Welcome to New York City, Robin!

(meatball picture via tweetpic; gladiator via atp site)


4 Responses to “no fuzz on these balls”

  1. PiT0 Says:

    oh em gee. that plate looks like its from AQ Kafe in Colombus Circle… i used to work there. dreadful place… it really is.

  2. Erwin Says:

    hah. I was going to say it looked like the meal I had at IKEA on Saturday…

  3. chris Says:

    haha, i thought it looked like ikea food too!

  4. Era of Electronic Effects | Guitaroholic Says:

    […] no fuzz on these balls « tennis served fresh […]

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