short balls: the countdown continues


With only five days until the main draw action begins in Queens for the US Open, we can’t help but continue our countdown to the year’s final slam. There is plenty of tennis to catch out at the BJKNTC before Monday – as the qualies roll on today through Friday. There are plenty of Americans on court to cheer on, as are two of our favorite stories: one being British youngster Laura Robson (on court today) and the second being born-again pro Kimiko Date-Krumm. The former Top 5 player is making a comeback at the age of 38. 

Fashion This:, most famous for its weekly news videos featuring former model Kerry Milbank, is also serious about fashion – and tennis. While Tennis Week magazine quit its printing cycle months ago, the institution is still churning out good stuff for the web. The site features blogs from its two senior editors along with in-the-know tennis experts Brad Gilbert and Nick Bollettieri. Oh, and don’t forget the fashion! The Royal Box blog will certainly be buzzing with USO fashion over the next two weeks.

Going Aquatic: The Williams Sisters seem to be in a dog fight with the Bryan Brothers on who can garner more press this fortnight while in New York City. The bros seem to have a leg up on the sisters after pieces about them appeared in the New York Times and the New Yorker. Meanwhile, Serena and Venus thought to one-up the musically-inclined Bryans and bought into the Miami Dolphins. I see your pop star career and raise you a professional franchise. Next thing you know one (or all!) of them will be taking over for Wendy Williams. Advantage: sisters. (They already have the name.)

Line Dancing: Martina Hingis was famous in her career for quirky tennis shots, but don’t forget about her quirky habits, too. The five-time slam champion was ultra-careful not to stop on the lines on court between points, something she thought brought “bad luck.” Well Hingis will have no lines to worry about as she has reportedly signed on to Britain’s version of Dancing with the Stars. What’s next, a comeback?!

Towel Violation: Who ever thought of playing tennis with a towel around their neck and a wool cap on top of their head?! Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon Talley did, of course! There’s so much Louis Vuitton happening in this clip that even Alona Bondarenko’s dog would be overwhelmed.

More short balls after the jump.

If the Bra Fits: A decade after Brandi Chastain stripped off her jersey in front of millions (a billion?!) viewers at the Women’s World Cup in the US, the soccer stalwart is… well, still playing soccer. Now 41, the poster girl for the late-90s women’s sports surge is competing in the newly-formed Women’s Professional Soccer League. You go, Brandi.

Ra Ra Roddick: There’s a telling (and endearing) piece in today’s New York Observer on how Andy Roddick has transitioned from simply being America’s top tennis player to being America’s favorite, most revered (current) tennis player; the one everyone wants to cheer for. New Yorkers? We’ll be rootin’ for A-Rod!

JuJu, Part Two? First Kimmie, now Justine?! Can we just all promise each other NEVER to mutter the word “retirement” in the women’s tennis world. It’s become redundant.


4 Responses to “short balls: the countdown continues”

  1. chris Says:

    can we quit talking about how safina is #1 without winning a slam and former #1 clijsters fresh return don’t illustrate a depth in women’s tennis … and talk about how 38yo kimiko date’s return – after a ~12 year absence – illustrates a potential lack of depth more than anything? i’m rooting for date as much as anyone, but it seems if we’re being critical of the women’s tour, that should be the story.

  2. carmel Says:

    Yes I think that it is going to be very interesting who wins the womens, I think Serena will shock them all and also Safina has alot of pressure on her at the moment I hope she can handle it! I found out about a chance to win a free trip to the ’09 US Open if you go to ->, and you can enter!

  3. FeFe Says:

    From Brandi to JuJu?! What a difference the sport makes. Cover the lines vs. cover girl pressures?

  4. MichaelFaR Says:

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