kournikova @ k-swiss


Oh, Anna, you’re like tennis gold! We’re confident about backing you when you say you’re retired, unlike some of the flip-flopping that’s been happening as of late. (What can ya do? It’s a different generation of “retirees”…)

Strut strut: Kournikova did her part as the face of K-Swiss by making a cameo at the company’s Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show last night in New York City.

Looks from the show to come.

(photo by TSF)


5 Responses to “kournikova @ k-swiss”

  1. kournikova @ k-swiss Google gold financial Says:

    […] Here is the original post:  kournikova @ k-swiss […]

  2. Daniela Says:

    Well she was never that good tennis player ,it’s not like she was winning tournaments left and right,she was always more model then tennis player,so she is on right place now,to return to what?? justin and kim are champions you don’t compare them to this one.

  3. Josziah Says:

    i don’t her but she reminds me of my ex girl, good luck enrique.

  4. josiah Says:

    a very good tennis player, ligament problems on hard surfaces, anticipated decision, could have won wimbledon, good areo dynamic teaching for who were there, i was at home watching her, impresive game, imay join her band wagon.

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