moms love fila, too


Kim Clijsters made a surprise visit at Fila’s Thomas Reynolds launch party Thursday night in Manhattan, held on the 11th-floor terrace above Lord & Taylor in Midtown. Thomas Reynolds is the new line by Fila, in collaboration between the sports brand line and American tennis star James Blake.


TSF nabbed Kim on the red carpet to ask her about life back on the tour, traveling with little Jada and (Shhhh!) a possible comeback by her countrywoman, Justine Henin.

TSF: What’s it like being back in New York City with a baby? Is your mindset a little different?
Kim Clijsters: This isn’t the first time we’re here [with a baby]. We live about an hour from here [in New Jersey]. We actually had some of my family visiting from Belgium and we took them to New York. I love being here. I love everything to do here. [Jada’s] very intrigued by the lights and everything that’s flashing.

TSF: Is it invigorating being back on the tour? You retired because of boredom, injuries… does it feel different?
KC: I feel like the way it was when I started playing on the tour when I was 15 or 16. That’s a really nice feeling to have. Just more balanced. I enjoy going home, being a mom and taking care of Jada. I think that balance is something I always like.

More from Kimmie, including a few photos, after the cut.

TSF: Speaking of balance, are you trying to instill more of that into your career?
KC: I will try to focus on this balance but also peak at certain moments. The grand slams are still big for every player. We’ve been in the States for a little while now. I’ve been practing for a month and a half before I started playing a tournament. It’s all about having fun, too.

TSF: What about Justine’s comeback? What do you think?
KC: I heard about it yesterday. It’s still very fresh. I think it would be great, but it’s still early to tell.


Clijsters and Blake on the red carpet, where James looked snappy in a striped suit and light-blue button up. By far the best dressed (and best looking??) man of the night.

Picture 4

A view from inside Lord & Taylor, on the way up to the rooftop launch party. We’re digging the Thomas Reynolds logo. Trey fab and oh-so-Fila chic. Watch out, RF!

Lots and lots of photos of Kim off the red carpet and on the blue tennis court at her personal web site

(photos courtesy of fila)


2 Responses to “moms love fila, too”

  1. Tennis online Says:

    Good luck Kim, Waiting from U great tennin in US Open

  2. lola montez Says:

    Kim’s lack of style is woeful. She’s a millionaire can’t she hire a stylist? The black is morbid and so 80’s. She needs some color. Serena dresses so much better is so glam and a much better player. Be grateful with your cheated trophy kimmy the klod clijsters!

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