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If you’re at home, in your dorm room, at a random cafe, or in the public library, all you need to watch the US Open this year is an internet connection. USOpen.org is offering free streaming of five courts, and if you have a quality, high speed connection, then you’re set.


Not only is the picture pretty bangin’ but there’s an option to chat with other fans, watch two courts at once, choose another court to watch (Ashe, Armstrong, Grandstand and Courts 11 and 13) or view match stats. If you weren’t sure it was the 21st century, this is it, folks.

(screen grab via usopen.org)


6 Responses to “picture this”

  1. M v Lemon Says:

    This is great news but whenever I try to use it tells me its not available in my region. Does it not work in Canada?

  2. jacob Says:

    usopen.org is the best tennis site! EVER!

  3. Marija Says:

    Looks like I’m not in the 21st century yet: “We’re sorry, this stream is not available in your area.”

  4. Nez Says:

    21st century?… everytime i load usopen.org it freezes for about 3min… on each page… that i load… everytime… the slamtracker doesnt update… loading that takes… 5min… frustrating…

  5. TennisTh!s Says:

    I have to agree, it’s not the best quality of streaming video. It seems quite a bit delayed…I was testing it while watching on Live TV and there seemed to be about a 10 second delay from TV to PC. A lot can happen in 10 seconds! Anyway, the tennis is great this year, a lot of hungry players out there (though I can’t say much for #1 Dinara Safina, what a poor showing today). I can’t wait for week two!
    Oh and I love this site!

  6. Amanda Says:

    THis is amazing. watching serena v sanchez now at work. i’m so happy this finally is live and online. wasn’t like that last year! Long live good tennis!

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