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sunday survey (arrives on wednesday)

September 1, 2009


So we’re a little late on the Sunday Survey this week, but for good reason: we needed the US Open to start. Here at TSF we take fashion serious, especially on the tennis court. In what other sport can players be world-class athletes and trend-setting globe trotters all at once? Not tied to a uniform, tennis players can express who they are while they’re on the court. Can’t say that about many other sports, can you?

While we have our fair share of opinions, we always appreciate the conscious effort of players to look their best. You remember that old-guy’s-club saying: Dress for success. Well, we agree.

So, here’s our Sunday Survey question: Has the media been too hard on tennis fashion? Is there too much critique-ing going on and not enough embracing and encouraging? Or is tennis fashion just that bad right now? What do you think? Comment below. 

(photo via yahoo! sports)


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