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So we’re a little late on the Sunday Survey this week, but for good reason: we needed the US Open to start. Here at TSF we take fashion serious, especially on the tennis court. In what other sport can players be world-class athletes and trend-setting globe trotters all at once? Not tied to a uniform, tennis players can express who they are while they’re on the court. Can’t say that about many other sports, can you?

While we have our fair share of opinions, we always appreciate the conscious effort of players to look their best. You remember that old-guy’s-club saying: Dress for success. Well, we agree.

So, here’s our Sunday Survey question: Has the media been too hard on tennis fashion? Is there too much critique-ing going on and not enough embracing and encouraging? Or is tennis fashion just that bad right now? What do you think? Comment below. 

(photo via yahoo! sports)



10 Responses to “sunday survey (arrives on wednesday)”

  1. Carolee Says:

    I love the way the players are dressing to suit their own personalities… Sharapova’s dress was super last night and looks even better in your photo. Fed got is all sorts of trouble for his Wimbledon wardrobe… fortunately, he won the title or all of the gold etc. would have looked silly.

  2. TennisTh!s Says:

    Hmm….I think there should be more attention paid to the tennis not what the players are wearing. I don’t really care how they look, just as long as they’re hitting the ball hard and making it entertaining for the rest of us spectators. Sharapova’s dress was pretty but the headband made me laugh, it was ridiculous. I understand that the players want to express themselves and all, but shouldn’t they be paying more attention to their game (Sharapova hardly played like a pro yesterday) and focusing on the event at hand???

  3. a-tennislover Says:

    The players are going a bit overboard w/ their outfits. Not just way out or tacky styles, but having to change for each tournament, night/day, etc.
    Everyone should pay more attention to their game. And, unfortunately, it’s not fair to the players that don’t have big companies sponsoring them. It can become a “have and have not” situation.

  4. Bex Says:

    As long a player has the game to back it up then I say go for it, but when you have Ivanovic losing in the first round you wonder why on earth Adidas announced beforehand that she would have a day dress and a night dress – they were assuming a hell of a lot there.
    And remember Sharapova’s Wimby shorts? They lasted like 2 matches! More thought had been put into the outfit than her tennis.
    Serena has the huge earrings and the designer bags and all the rest of it – but she WINS, that’s the only way you can get away with it.

    Wow, I’ve managed to type all of this without once mentioning Mattek-Sand’s socks……..

  5. rami Says:

    i love the fact that the top players are such budding fashionistas. it adds another dimension to the game. for example, even though i am not a fan of sharapova, i do look forward to what she is going to wear in the slams. the same could be said for serena and venus. sometimes what they wear is a hit. other times it’s a hit. but the anticipation of fashion on the court makes tennis more exciting for me! personally, i love serena and venus’s outfit for the open (especially serena’s black number). however, i think sharapova’s outfit is a BIG miss..

  6. Jessica Says:

    I agree with Rami. I really look forward to see what each of the players will wear, especially with the women. I think it really brings in more viewers and increases the fan base.

    I usually like what Maria wears, however I really did not like her dress for this Open. The front side was bearable, but the backside was a bit of an eyesore. I’m also not digging the headband. She looks like she’s trying too hard.

  7. isa Says:

    i also agree with rami. Before every grand slam i’m already trying to find out what maria and serena will wear. I watch tennis with my boys (both playing) to check tactics, to learn and to enjoy the game and the beautiful points but the fashion thing is a real added value 😉
    Especially nike is really impressive with their different looks for different players. I don’t understand why adidas don’t put more effort in the ana-dresses… I really like the stella mccartney line that wozniaki is wearing but they could do more with it …
    I like maria’s dress this year but my favourite is still the red dress with the swarowski’s she had a couple of years ago…

  8. JFK Says:

    I think it’s cool when players wear something special for Grand Slams. It shows off their creativity. Maria, Roger, Serena, Venus, and Rafa all have cool looks. I think the best outfit I’ve seen was the Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress Maria wore in ’06, it was black and sparkly, ideal for night matches.

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