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Sorana Cirstea is one of the most talked about up-and-comers on the WTA Tour, and the Romanian teenager has made her arrival known on the court this year with consistent results thanks to plenty of power tennis.

Cirstea’s big arrival came in Paris in May, when she upset Jelena Jankovic at the French Open and advanced to the quarterfinals

Not only is the 19-year-old’s game beautiful, she’s a gorgeous one herself. Cirstea fell in the third round of the Open to doubles partner Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets. But before all that happened, TSF sat down with the 26th-ranked player in the world at Mason’s Tennis Mart, the official store of the U.S. Open, prior to the beginning of the tourney thanks to Wilson tour marketing manager (and former WTA pro) Tracy Almeda-Singian.

Here’s what Sorana had to say (and wear) at her Wilson signing:

TSF: So what do you think? Are you in love with New York City yet?!
Sorana Cirstea: It took an hour and a half to get to the hotel from the airport, so that’s all the New York I’ve seen so far! We had dinner last night at a Japanese restaurant and then went straight to bed because of the time change. But hopefully I’ll have time for shopping. Shopping is great here. 

TSF: Speaking of shopping, are you going to hang around NYC to do any after the Open? What else do you want to do while in the Big Apple?
SC: I really love the Broadway shows. We always go and see the shows in Vegas when I practice there [with Steffi Graf]. We have planned to stay a few days after the tournament, hopefully for one day of all shopping; from morning to night, just shopping!

Check out the rest of our interview with Sorana and a complete look at her outfit after the jump.

TSF: What’s the deal at home?! Are you majorly famous in Romania or what?
SC: Now people recognize me there. When I’m in the mall with my friends everyone is looking at me. I think it’s a good feeling because people appreciate you and know that you are working hard. They recognize my results. In Romania, they haven’t had someone that late in a grand slam in a long time. It was a nice achievement for me and I want to do it [advance to the quarterfinals] again soon.

TSF: What are you listening to right now on your iPod?
SC:  I was just listening to Flo Rida “Spin My Head Right Round” in the car; that gets me pumped up! It reminds me of The Hangover for some reason and I love that movie. It’s my favorite of the summer.

Now that you know what Sorana is listening to and watching this summer, check out her autograph-day duds. We likey LOVEY!




What do you think of Ms. Cirstea’s outfit? Would you join her to a Broadway show if she was dressed like this? Tell us below.

(all photos by TSF)


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7 Responses to “sitting down with sorana”

  1. chris Says:

    is that a traditional romanian outfit?

    long lost sibs … Cirstea & Julie Benz (‘Debra’) from “Dexter”?

  2. Erwin Says:

    not sure if it’s traditional or not, but she did say that she bought everything in Romania.

  3. Cami Says:

    No, it’s not a traditional Romanian outfit, it’s more oriental, Turkish/Arabian style, or so it seems to me from those embroidered patterns. Anyway, love Sorana, she’s so pretty and nice!

  4. Teo Says:

    The outfits looks like it comes from Ancient Rome. It’s quite fashionable in Romania nowadays, but it’s certainly not traditional.

  5. farewell « tennis served fresh Says:

    […] anything more than a casual hobby. Instead it gave us a chance to flex our tennis geekery: becoming besties with Sorana, obsessing about Mirka, playing “Where In the World is Andre Sa?”, founding […]

  6. Brenda Says:

    What’s her shoe-size? Anyway, she’s a beauty on the court.

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