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September 8, 2009


While the fashion always has its moment in the spotlight each year at the US Open, New York-based designer Danielle Ribner is doing her best to make tennis clothes more than just a once-a-year who’s-wearing-what.

“This line is for girls like me,” Ribner said in her Chelsea studio last week, when TSF sat down with her to talk about her trendy chic line, Loup. “I wanted cute, feminine clothes that you could play in, but wear after.”

After attending Parsons in NYC, Ribner worked in women’s fashion before setting out on her own to create Loup. “I realized that no one was really doing anything about this niche, and still, I’m the only one,” Ribner explained. “All these technical fabrics make them really easy to wear, and you can go from the court to running errands and not feel out of place.”

Ribner swears to this, saying she’s sporting her duds all over the city during the humid summer and she always feels extra comfy. “And it’s especially good for traveling since all the stuff is so versatile.”

One player who is packing Loup in her suitcases is American Sydni Katz, a 20-year-old traveling on the ITF Tour. Player comfort is something Ribner said she was almost obsessed with, making sure the fabric and fit were just perfect. “I used soft and silky athletic materials, but the clothes look like something you would find at a cute boutique.”

The San Dieguito Pro Shop in California is one such boutique that is carrying Loup. But Ribner promises the brand is expanding, and says she’s working on making connections on the East Coast.

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