short balls: still going and going and…


The US Open is still happening. In fact, the women’s final is taking place as I write this on Sunday night. For the second straight year, the men will meet a day after the tournament was scheduled to end. Tomorrow’s championship will feature none other than Mr. Roger Federer, facing off against Juan Martin del Potro, a top ten player that many have been talking about for awhile. 

Seems as though this tournament – which at one time was thought to be Melanie Oudin‘s stomping ground – will now forever be remembered as the grand slam where Serena Williams completely lost it. No matter what your opinion on the call, everyone can quite agree that Serena was a little out of line, no? Perhaps out of sorts, too?

The entire tennis world – and beyond – is in argument over what really happened and what should be done with the Serena Sitch, but we still can’t get over the dress her opponent, Flavia Pennetta, wore in the quarterfinals. That’s right, we’re digging the Italian’s look for the USO. Check out Guy Trebay’s take over at the NYT. Flavia is flaunting the dress, below.

While Flavia was busy looking good on the court, her fourth-round victim Vera Zvonareva was busy coming unravelled on it, quite literally. After blowing match points in the second set, Zvonareva completely imploded in the the third, hitting herself in the face, stomping her feet and trying to unravel the tape on her knees before going down 6-0 in the final set. Vera the headcase? Here to stay. And too bad, this girl has a lot of talent.

And while I’ve finished up this post, so too has Kim Clijsters finished up her second U.S. Open title. A picture of sheer joy after the cut. Congrats, Kimmie.


(pennetta photo via getty; clijsters via yahoo! sports)


3 Responses to “short balls: still going and going and…”

  1. shamone Says:

    I’m happy to discover this post. I loved Flavia’s dress too.

  2. Carolee Says:

    Kimmie is the best, what a gorgeous match played by those women: no screaching and grunting, just solid hitting. And, both such radiant personalities..

  3. Nez Says:

    one true star and one rising star of the WTA. i will be definitely following the rise of Wozniacki

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