sunday survey



(Comes on Monday.)

Following a hectic US Open, the tennis season heads into a fall season that is complete with an Asian swing, indoor carpet tournaments and a tour of tennis’ budding housing development: Eastern Europe.

What will be the big tennis story of the fall? Will Serena re-shape her image? Will Oudin back up her success? What about del Potro? And can Roddick come back and finish strong? Have the Serbian girls fizzled out?

Post a comment below to tell us what you think the big story of the fall will be.

(photo by AntyDiluvian via flickr.)


4 Responses to “sunday survey”

  1. Nez Says:

    im eager to see how the serb girls do. im quite disappointed in their performance this year. ive been such a huge fan of theirs… sigh

  2. JFK Says:

    Will the serbian slide continue and will Justine come back?

  3. Tennis This Says:

    Reports say that Henin is going to make a comeback in 2010, so that should be the biggest story of the fall. I can’t wait to see her play again. It the time of comebacks!!!

  4. Nat Says:

    Henin’s comeback! And how her decision was affected by Clijsters US Open win. It must have made her think twice.

    The first Clijsters v Henin match should be good!

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