serena on tyra: “the fans missed seeing the end of an amazing match”


Class act: The normally egocentric Serena Williams (at least when it comes to post-match pressers) appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and gave shout-outs to both Kim Clijsters and the fans who were at that 2009 U.S. Open semifinal.

“What really was the worst part was the fans kinda missed out on just seeing the end of an amazing match. You know, we played like, over 2 hours’ worth tennis and it was just amazing tennis. Again, Kim Clijsters played really well and really pushed me, and it was a great match. I just felt bad in the end for the fans…”

And note the crickets chirping (or was that the audience chuckling?) at Tyra putting words in Serena’s mouth by chalking up the all the ado to Serena being a woman. Yes, Roger Federer‘s $1,500, one-word expletive flew under the radar, but probably because it wasn’t uttered at match point to hand the opponent the win. Oh, and the gal pals talk about Serena’s bf, Common.

Vid, Pt. 1: Watch the interview here.

Pt. 2: As for the rest of the segment, be glad you missed out on “model tennis”. I love slapstick as much as the next guy, but this was zzzzZZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz. (vid)



One Response to “serena on tyra: “the fans missed seeing the end of an amazing match””

  1. marine Says:

    Serena’s cure on hurt ego (and decline of sales of her book) are apparently TV interviews. I think she should have a bit of decency and not try to twist the truth about her uncalled for attack anymore. It’s really getting awkward and embarassing. She is a very bad liar as we could have seen in her post-match presser :0) In the interview for CNN she claims she apologized as soon as she could. oh dear, steroids apparently screw up one’s memory really bad…

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