sunday survey: coffee chat



Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin have always had a strange relationship. They made it clear when they both rose to the top of the game that they weren’t the best of friends, and though the two women have great respect for one another, it had to be a little strange for Clijsters to watch Henin announce her own comeback just 10 days after the new mom had claimed the US Open title.

What would Kim and JuJu chat about if they were out to coffee together? No media present, no handlers… just the two Belgian bombers out for some famous chocolate and a cup of coffee. What would they speak about? Would they speak at all? Who would carry the conversation? Would any bad blood come to be discussed? 

Sure, Kimmie’s always been known as the ‘nice girl’ on the tour, but get a little caffeine in the gal and her mouth is sure to run as fast as she does on the court, right? 

We want some honesty brewing on this coffee date…

(photo by openaperture via flickr.)


4 Responses to “sunday survey: coffee chat”

  1. Carolee Says:

    Kimmie would make a polite excuse to miss such a meeting. If I were Kim, I would watch my back. Juju may be graceful on the court but,gamesmanship wise, she will do whatever it takes. Just ask Serena Williams….

  2. chris Says:

    if it would stay just between the two of them, i think they’d trash talk the williams … and maybe how they never should have “retired” to begin with.

  3. Nick Says:

    The awkwardness potential here is huge. My guess is that Kim would steer conversation to tennis and away from family life, perhaps not wanting to flaunt the fact that she has a loving husband and a beautiful child, while Justine is divorced from wanker Yves and has had no offspring of her own despite quitting tennis to “begin her life as a woman.” They would dish about the new generation of players, who they need to watch out for, who is overrated and will fade away. They might also reminisce about the fact that they played at the top of the tour at a time when the talent level was probably deeper than it has ever been. Maybe by the end of the coffee chat they will have a newfound bond, realizing how much they share in common, and that they will be forever linked whether they like it or not.

  4. Ludivina Cogdill Says:

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