photo feed: juan monaco falls and hurts his right leg



Peekaboo: Blame the “just because we can” syndrome, but here’s a photo of Juan Monaco, who made the finals of the BCR Romania Open this past weekend. He lost 7-6 (2), 7-6 (6) to Albert Montanes. The Argentine was up 5-2 in the second set before he fell and hurt his right leg. Unfortunately, he was not able to recover. What is it with him and leg bad luck?

More: See a few more pics after the cut…

(images via Getty)



3 Responses to “photo feed: juan monaco falls and hurts his right leg”

  1. Magnus Says:

    ummmm picture 3 is a bit XXX!!!! is that what really goes on in those adidas shots????? ????

  2. emily Says:

    i was there and saw him falling..
    it`s soo bad he didn`t recover. sad me 😦

  3. kleidoscope Says:

    Considering there was just not enough time between instantly himself and the place he landed, could and might procure a worser injury if the movement was fast.. I am not as disappointed he lost, however, because Monta like Monac is a very good player. Albo’s timing was perfect and grabbed the points within. Juant I must say, did not play as “great” when he did during the tournament. I thought he was alot layed back and perhaps was only focusing on certain aspects of his game, and Albo took the game into his hands strategically and definitly created a good enough approach to seal it in little time.
    I believe Juany will return and play ‘great’ again, and that he is ok. Thanking you all for the photos..x..

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