robby ginepri is the baby bear…


… to our Goldilocks — he’s just right!

One of the treats of the Thailand Open is the ATPers doing some Muay Thai. This year they had the suuuuuuuper pasty John Isner, Gilles Simon, and Robby Ginepri get into some silk shorts and spar for the photographers.

It’s funny to see the martial artists turn Lilliputian next to Isner (they’re up to his nipples!), but they can probably still kick his butt without breaking a sweat.

More: A few more pics of John, Gilles, and Robby after the cut…

(tip via Dennis; images via Getty)


3 Responses to “robby ginepri is the baby bear…”

  1. chris Says:

    well simon, the welterweight, would win in speed. isner would win in power. ginepri in overall athleticism.

  2. Lady Hooligan Kat Says:

    Robby is still lookin’ good! Thanks for the pics.

  3. Nez Says:

    Gilles is SO gorgeous

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