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christophe lemaire’s lacoste shop-in-shop

September 26, 2009

We’re hoping to stop by the memorial service for Jack Kramer (it’s today at the UCLA Tennis Center @ 11am, for those of you in SoCal).

Lacoste and creative director Christophe Lemaire launched a store-in-store at the company’s Paris flagship store earlier this year, a space that carries rare Lacoste products for both sexes as well as one-offs created for the runway that never made it to the floor.

The details: The shop walls are covered in cork and felt; a leather punching bag hangs off to one side; a vintage tennis racquet juts out in front as the store’s sign — all “a decidedly luxurious take on sport,” says Lemaire. (See another interior pic here.)

Visit: The Lacoste in Lemaire shop is located at 28 rue de Poitou, Paris.

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cole haan + chloe + tiffany = maria sharapova

September 25, 2009

Maria Sharapova followed up her killer Chloe dress at the U.S. Open Tiffany party by killing two birds in Tokyo: she launched her Cole Haan line while in town to prep for next week’s Toray Pan Pacific Open. In an e-mail sent out to fans via her website, the Russian talked about her long absence from Japan:

“I can’t believe that I haven’t been here in over 2 years! That should never happen! It never ceases to amaze me how interesting this country is! Just when you thought they had the best toilets, they get even better! Haha”

Smiley sponsors: Maria made her appearance at the Peninsula hotel wearing a ruffled top with some high-waisted shorts (both from Chloe). She added a clutch and some boots from Cole Haan — b’of course — and topped it off with a ring from Tiffany. We’re glad to see Hannah McGibbon‘s designs in action. ❤ the velvet and the braided rope and tassel. And that hair is working right now.

Looking ahead: At Toray, the unseeded Maria will face Francesca Schiavone in the first round and has both Safina (top seed; wild card) and Zvonareva in her quarter. Draw here (pdf).

More: More pics of Maria after the cut…

good idea, bad idea: novak djokovic

September 25, 2009

Nick’s away for well-deserved R&R over on the left coast this weekend, so it’ll be a fashion-heavy while I’m bloggin’ by my lonesome…

Good idea: Novak Djokovic opens up another NovakCafe, the Djokovic restaurant venture. The fourth branch is located near the MGM tennis court, the site of the Djokovic-owned Serbia Open. (Pics: interior and exterior — pretty cute, no?)

View: See pics from all four outposts of Novak Cafe at the restaurant’s official website.

Marko’s looking more delicious by the minute. So is the restaurant. If only we could get Nole to stick with adidas, and not switch over to K-Swiss like he’s been rumored to?

Bad idea: Where do we sign the petition TO NOT MAKE THIS HAPPEN? Nole just began to hit his mark with his Falcon line (above) — it was one of the U.S. Open’s best outfits, along with Rafa Nadal‘s checker cab polo. (Pics: Nole’s day and night kits) He should really hang around and give it time to grow. Perhaps K-Swiss has better shoes?

On the flip side, K-Swiss will get a benefit from having a top male player on their roster. (No offense, Tommy Haas.)

Bonus round: Good Idea, Bad Idea from Animaniacs

(via HC Foo and TW; novakcafe images via HCFoo; djokovic image courtesy of adidas)

<3: marc by marc jacobs spring 2010

September 25, 2009

Sit back: Slideshow is here (via

>> Giorgio Armani
>> Burberry Prorsum

serena on tyra: “the fans missed seeing the end of an amazing match”

September 25, 2009

Class act: The normally egocentric Serena Williams (at least when it comes to post-match pressers) appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and gave shout-outs to both Kim Clijsters and the fans who were at that 2009 U.S. Open semifinal.

“What really was the worst part was the fans kinda missed out on just seeing the end of an amazing match. You know, we played like, over 2 hours’ worth tennis and it was just amazing tennis. Again, Kim Clijsters played really well and really pushed me, and it was a great match. I just felt bad in the end for the fans…”

And note the crickets chirping (or was that the audience chuckling?) at Tyra putting words in Serena’s mouth by chalking up the all the ado to Serena being a woman. Yes, Roger Federer‘s $1,500, one-word expletive flew under the radar, but probably because it wasn’t uttered at match point to hand the opponent the win. Oh, and the gal pals talk about Serena’s bf, Common.

Vid, Pt. 1: Watch the interview here.

Pt. 2: As for the rest of the segment, be glad you missed out on “model tennis”. I love slapstick as much as the next guy, but this was zzzzZZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzz. (vid)

tit for tat: federer at armani

September 24, 2009

Which dress will Mama Mirka wear?

Anna Wintour was flanked by Roger Federer and Mirka Vavrinec as she walked into the Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 show in Milan. The trio sat front row (of course!); so did Janet Jackson.

“Giorgio is a real class act,” Federer told FWD‘s Valentine Uhovski after the show. “He’s just a legend. We didn’t expect the show to be such a spectacle but I had a week off, so why not? And Giorgio saw me play my country, now I’m in his.”

View: Flip through images of the show at

short(er) balls: musical outfits

September 24, 2009

If you liked Andy Murray sporting tight-fitting Fred Perry at this year’s US Open and you enjoy Novak Djokovic in his always-colorful adidas ensembles, this may not be the best piece of news for you. Or perhaps it might be?!

While I’ll leave all the fashion opinionating to my trusted boss, Erwin, I will announce that there are reports that Djokovic may be ditching the Big a and signing with K-Swiss, while Murray might be taking his place at adidas.

Musical outfits, oh my! What do you think?

Open minded: Kim Clijsters might be the clearest thinker in women’s tennis right now. She announced yesterday she’ll play a 13-tournament schedule in 2010 (motherhood and Slams still come before ranking, she says). And, today, announced a partnership with Thomas Cook, the Euro airline that you may find Kim, Jada and Brian on a flight on in the near future. But just remember, when you see them sitting in first class, they def didn’t pay!

Puppy love: That’s Mardy Fish with one of the Bryan brothers (can you tell which?!) presenting his new pup, Charlie. Mards, we love the pup, but please oh please, get a haircut boy! Good grooming skills are a must, even after the Open!

(photo via twitpic)

atp, are you there? it’s me, erwin

September 24, 2009

Speaking of, we wonder if there’s a follow-up to last year’s ATP World Tour Calendar.

TSF would be happy to offer our services to help pick which guys (and which pictures) will end up being used. Oh, and if you’re looking to fill the space for month 13, may we suggest Travis Rettenmaier? You’re welcome.

shirtless: if andy murray had work done…

September 24, 2009

We’ve already snagged our 2010 planner, but one can never have enough tools to stay organized, which is why we’re tracking down this pinup version of our favorite gangly Scot, Andy Murray, shown in twelve hyper-Photoshopped pics that leave his face looking totally plastic. (It’s okay; we were just looking at his torso anyway!) The grainy thumbnails — a scan of the calendar’s back cover — show enough promise to make us shell out £7.99.

And speaking of the unalterable: it wouldn’t have hurt for some of these pics to have him smiling. He’s no orthodontic adonis, but that smile is part of his charm.

Buy: Pick it up at

testy tanlines

September 24, 2009


Spaniard Rubin Ramirez-Hidalgo was sleeving it like it was 2001 and he was Martina Hingis today at the BCR Open in Romania. Or maybe he was just sporting that right bicep?

In any case, we’re not quite sure how Ramirez-Hidalgo — or Hingis, for that matter — evens out his tan lines after a day on the court like that. You’ve gotta like the creativity though, right?


Martina wore this adidas top through much of 2001, including at the Aussie and French. It never really did catch on, but we’re loving Ramirez-Hidalgo’s effort of resurrecting it. What’s next? Crazy tees saluting Santoro?! Can’t wait.

(photos via getty)

if serena could ****ing shove a ****ing ball down mother nature’s throat…

September 23, 2009


The infamous scuffle with that US Open Ewok is already yesterday’s news to Serena Williams; she’s now focused on a new confrontation, this time with Mother Nature about the latter’s, uhm, unwelcomed monthly gifts.

The print ads for this Tampax campaign, which start appearing next month, look pretty absurd, but this behind-the-scenes vid cracked us up. Whodathunk that mensies personified could be so fun? She’d make a good happy hour gal pal, no?

Serena was brought in as part of the company’s “commitment to celebrating today’s women and empowering them to live life on their own terms”, and surely this agreement was lined up before Serena’s US Open semifinal. So while Tampax might not be buoyed by (what could have been) the buzz of a Serena U.S. Open title, they’ll still get some lift in the wake of that non-existent foot fault.

Never in our lives would we have expected to type this, but here it goes: Kudos, Tampax.

Watch: Serena Slams Mother Nature (vid)

(image courtesy of Tampax)

<3: Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear

September 23, 2009

Bangle and clutch are delicious!

Christopher Bailey closed out the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week with a presentation of Burberry Prorsum‘s spring 2010 collection. Here are our picks for the men (img) and women (img).

View: Burberry Prorsum Women’s Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear, via; Men’s via

(images via

short balls: falling for tennis

September 22, 2009


Less than 10 days after the completion of the 2009 US Open the tennis world has tumbled into the fall season with another round of Davis Cup drama, the autumn scheduling kicking off in far-off places around the globe and, oh yeah- Justine Henin announcing her comeback to the WTA Tour.

We’ll have more on the JuJu come back in the near futch, but for now let’s get to the always-entertaining world of the off-court game of tennis in this weeks’ edition of Short Balls:

Picture This: One of TSF‘s fave delish dish of tennis gossip is served up by Sarah Thurmond of This week Sarah focused on Serena, Melanie and Kimmie in her post, and linked to a great photo gallery of tennis stars kissing their trophy, inspired by world-beaters Clijsters and del Potro last week. Our fave? That rando shot from the girls doubles champs at Wimbledon ’07. Who did your editing, Life?!

Conquistadora Speaks: Remember Conchita Martinez? Well, she won Wimbledon in 1994, but somehow never conquered the French. The one-slam wonder and Spanish junk baller spoke to New Zealand journo Michael Burgess this week. What’s Conchita up to these days? Apparently sleeping in and eating brunch in Barcelona. Sounds good to us.

Sweet 16: Thanks to Randy Walker for noticing that twelve years ago Roger Federer made his debut on the ATP rankings at number 803 at the tender age of 16. What a difference a dozen can make, eh? His challenge numbers are pretty dismal, though, writes Paul Kedrosky in an NYT op-ed.

On the rise: We’re digging the new tennis site, OnTheGoTennis, a blog that features off-court news full of photos. Kudos to Rachel for putting it together – we know a winner when we see one.

Tasty video: We’re loving this mock video put together for Wilson edible tennis balls. Yum?

Shameless plug: We can’t help but mention our always-trendy and fashion-savvy friend, Erin, who’s running in a marathon in the not-too-distant future to support an elementary school being built in Africa. Sport and support mixed in one? We’ll plug that any day.

pushing puma

September 22, 2009


While Puma once had the most sought-after name in tennis – Serena Williams – the brand has recently all but disappeared from the tennis court. That doesn’t mean the brand has floundered into oblivion, however, as the company has launched a nationwide ad campaign that doesn’t feature any big-name athletes, but instead, fresh-faced (and oh-so-trendy) retail workers in what they’re calling “Employees Only“.

The campaign is plastered along subway stations all over New York City (above), and includes other sites nationwide. And while the brand may not be a Serena seller anymore, they may have the world’s most famous athlete on their side: Usain Bolt.

Bolt has pushed Puma back to its running roots, as the company once sponsored Olympic medalists throughout the 20th century. Their soccer presence has always been solid, anchored by the legendary Pele, and worn still today by clubs and players all over the world.

Long a running and soccer brand, Puma delved into tennis when Guillermo Vilas started wearing the brand in the ’70s. The Argentinian won three slams decked out in Puma gear, though the line never got much tennis notice outside of the big man from down south.

As recently as 2006, the company had Vilas Puma retro shoes, though they aren’t available on the web site anymore. (Can anyone verify they still sell the shoe?!?).

You may recall Puma and its infamous catsuit design they did for Serena at the 2002 Open. But as it turns out, the brand was leaving the sport with a bang when the younger Williams sister signed a contract with Nike the following year.

Can Puma push its way back into tennis? For now, we’re only left of sweet (and skin-tight) memories of the catsuit and the brand’s short-lived relationship with the sport of tennis.

Catsuit reminiscing? Check out the jump. (more…)

tennis: what’s not to love?

September 22, 2009


A shout-out to Nick for adding meat to this U.S. Open piece over at The National, which talks about how tennis has finally gone mainstream. And it’s true: before the year’s final major went viral with such classics as Federer‘s “best shot ever” and Serena‘s meltdown (YouTube gold, I tell ya!), our sport was being forwarded on in the form of Mikhail Youzhny‘s Soviet spazzfest.

Ladies and gents, we’ve arrived!

Read more: Tennis: What’s Not to Love? The National, September 17, 2009.

emmy does the (tennis) carpet

September 21, 2009

No, trust us, you read that right.

While searching for any tennis stars at the Emmys last night, we came across this adorb pic of actress Emmy Rossum (“Phantom of the Opera”; “Posideon”) at the U.S. Open player party a few weeks ago. We love when technology discovers hidden gems for us. Makes research that much easier…


We love Emmy’s dress choice (so Sorana, right?!) and she’s holding the Open’s hottest ticket: the jumbo tennis ball.

(photo by getty images)

sunday survey

September 21, 2009


(Comes on Monday.)

Following a hectic US Open, the tennis season heads into a fall season that is complete with an Asian swing, indoor carpet tournaments and a tour of tennis’ budding housing development: Eastern Europe.

What will be the big tennis story of the fall? Will Serena re-shape her image? Will Oudin back up her success? What about del Potro? And can Roddick come back and finish strong? Have the Serbian girls fizzled out?

Post a comment below to tell us what you think the big story of the fall will be.

(photo by AntyDiluvian via flickr.)

legends go ballin’

September 19, 2009

(Legends Dick Savitt, Stan Smith, Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova, Buch Buchholz, Pam Shriver and Tony Trabert)

Last Friday night, while rain was wreaking havoc on the U.S. Open‘s schedule and a dramatic weekend of tennis had yet to be played out, the legends of the sport descended on the International Tennis Hall of Fame‘s Legends Ball in Midtown Manhattan for a night of celebration.

The event was held at Cipriani, across the street from Grand Central Station, a beautiful space with “towering marble columns and soaring ceilings” as its web site says. 

While there were plenty of celebs at such an event, the tennis legends themselves were really the ones who guests had their eyes on. TSF stole the ear of a few of the former tennis greats to ask a few questions and find out just what they were thinking about the current state of the sport of tennis.

Tracy Austin
TSF: What do you think of Melanie Oudin’s run to the quarterfinals?
What a fairy tale run for Melanie, a sweet girl that’s so spunky. She’s got a lot of speed and heart. If she continues to play like this for the rest of the year she can establish herself. It’s refreshing to see someone like her make such a run.

Martina Navratilova
TSF: Will a player as young as 14 or 15 ever make a big splash in tennis again? We saw it up through the beginning of this decade, but are those days over?
I don’t think it’ll ever happen again. There is too much power in the game right now for someone that young to come up and play with these women. I hope a girl like Hingis will come along again who has creativity variety in her game. 

Monica Seles
TSF: What is one thing you can NEVER leave home without while traveling?
My dog. Definitely my dog. It was the same when I was playing, I can never the poor thing at home. 

We weren’t too surprised Monica answered like that, and the recent Hall of Fame inductee was by far the most popular gal of the evening, having her shoulder tapped at every turn. She palled around with good friend Mary Joe Fernandez, sipped on Diet Coke and greeted everyone with a sincere “It’s so good to see you!”

Check out more of the legends’ attire after the cut. (more…)

long lost siblings?

September 18, 2009

A little Friday fun for you who are still stuck at work on this beautiful – well, at least in NYC – late-summer afternoon.

We’re simply wondering: Is San Francisco pitcher Tim Lincecum, seen below, Marion Bartoli‘s long-lost brother?!


Click the jump to decide for yourself. And let us know who you think. What other pro tennis star has a doppelganger lurking out there?? (more…)

roger that

September 17, 2009

If you missed Roger Federer‘s ridiculously ridiculous between-the-legs winner to bring up match point against Novak Djokovic in the semifinals, click here. But if you saw that shot, you might want to take a look at this. It’s table tennis at its best. And wow, these boys can make some great gets, right?

Tweeners not included, but the lobs, the offense-to-defense and the spectacular shot making goes well with “Eye of the Tiger”.

Now, if we can only fix those outfits…

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