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the royal box

September 17, 2009


In case you missed it on Monday (or just didn’t have the 4 and a half hours to watch the match), Roger Federer‘s box was reading more like a red carpet press line-up than a tennis player’s box roster.

Wife Mirka was joined by Gavin Rossdale, his wife Gwen Stefani and the one and only Anna Wintour, who was taking a break from fashion week for a little tennis action.

Too bad Fed couldn’t give them the goods in the fifth, right?

(photo via getty)


ellen goes big time (with her racket)

September 16, 2009

With Melanie Oudin swinging into Los Angeles, Ellen DeGeneres had her on the show Tuesday to talk tennis. The two chatted for a bit in the studio before Ellen took Melanie outside for a little back alley tennis. Ellen’s secret weapon? Her massively oversized racket, of course.


You can catch the full video here that includes Ellen’s other guest for the day, Queen Latifah. And see the interview here. To check out the fashion-inspired gift Ellen handed over to Mel, check out the jump.


changes in the chair

September 16, 2009

While players will often change their shirts (or entire outfits) during a match, you don’t often seeing the officials doing any sort of wardrobe swapping. On Monday during the men’s final, however, Jake Garner, the American chair judge, went from an all-white look (so Wimbledon of him, right?) to sporting a navy blue button-up Ralph Lauren sweater late in the match. Both outfits featured a navy, patterned tie.

Meanwhile, our famed microphone kept it’s dull, giant gray casing on the entire match, size triple XL.



(photos via getty images)

wilson (and its fans) get artsy

September 16, 2009

Check out this ode to Federer from Wilson, his racket maker. Looks like some Wilson fans came up with some pretty awesome renditions of the mighty Fed.

Oh, and don’t forget about Federer-beater JMdP looking good in a sweater with Charlie Rose yesterday. Boy did his hair and sported a watch, too! Looks like Fed has inspired men’s tennis champs to go all dressy on us. We like it!

rules of the red carpet

September 16, 2009


TSF had the pleasure and honor of attending last week’s Legends Ball, an annual event put on by the International Tennis Hall of Fame each year during the U.S. Open. While the event was attended by many tennis great (more posts to come in the near future), there were some celebs on hand that we couldn’t help but pull aside for a little chat on the red carpet.

The first was Ramona Singer, of “Real Housewives of New York” fame. While Ramona might be best known for her ‘crazy-eye look‘ on the show, the reality star had no crazy going on in her eyes when we chatted with her, and she looked fit and refreshed in a Kimberly Taylor dress that featured coral-like sequins up the right side to the shoulder.

Her husband, Mario, advised Ramona to play with Jimmy Connors when TSF asked about who Ramona might pick as her doubles partner for a tennis re-match with Jill Zarin this season.

Speaking of Jill, she was also in attendance at the Ball, and spoke a few minutes with TSF after asking us “What publication are you with?” When I responded, “TennisServedFresh, an online tennis fashion blog,” she smiled widely and said, “OK.”

Jill (pictured above) looked great in person as well, laughing at me when I asked her if she had a plan for her re-match with Ramona.

“Of course I have a plan!” She said. “I’m Jill Zarin!”

Duh! My mistake.

Find out who Jill was wearing, see photos from the event and discover who TSF gives a low grade for her red carpet performance after the cut. (more…)

page work

September 15, 2009


(Above, an illustration by DeTorres for a Tokyo theatre festival.)

Carl DeTorres plays ping pong a lot. At least, that’s what he answers after being asked to talk about his tennis experience. It might be safe to say the guy is a little green when it comes to the sport of racquet and net, but that didn’t stop him from rolling out two eye-catching illustrations (one seen via the link) for the U.S. Open issue of Tennis magazine.

The San Francisco-based DeTorres has actually played tennis twice in his life, and says when he got the opportunity to do work for the mag, he studied up on the game he knew so little about. Surprisingly, it was the color of the court that got this illustrator’s utmost attention.

“The blue tennis court fascinated me – I’ve never seen that before,” he told TSF in a phone interview. “I never knew that there was clay and grass and all that. I had no idea!” 

Wait until he sees the purple courts in Miami, huh? And let’s not even tell the guy about the mutli-colored things they play on in WTT, right?

After the color, then came the heads. The heads of the fans, that is. DeTorres was mesmerized by their mesmerization. 

“They all move in perfect unison, it’s pretty cool,” DeTorres, 32, explains. “Back and forth, back and forth.”

DeTorres used that image for his illustration, his first work for a sports magazine. As senior art director for Wired, DeTorres does a lot of illustrating with his art team on stories that don’t necessary have the pop and flash that a U.S. Open-preview image would, which is what excited the illustrator about the challenge.


the controversy train

September 14, 2009

If Serena Williams‘ outburst on Saturday night caused anyone surprise, hopefully it was only for the way she acted out, and not for the controversial act itself. For as long as she has been a professional, bizarre controversy has followed Serena (and Venus) onto the court.

It started way back in 1997, when Venus and Irina Spirlea had their famous bump at the U.S. Open in the semifinals. But over the last six years, Serena has had four major controversies happen on court, all during late-round grand slam matches. One of them, the 2004 U.S. Open quarterfinal against Jennifer Capriati spurred what you and me know today as Hawk-Eye.

What next? Hawk-Eye for foot faults? It’s not that far fetched…

2003 French Open Semifinals versus Justin Henin – The Hand
With the French crowd wildly behind Justine and sometimes rooting against the American Williams (George W. had just sent us to war…), Serena served at 4-2, 30-0 in the third set when JH clearly put her hand up to wait for crowd noise to die down. When Serena’s serve was long and the umpire didn’t award Serena two deliveries, the American looked to her opponent for recognition that she had, indeed, put her hand up. There was no such acknowledgement, and the moment is widely credited to Serena’s implosion in the match, which she lost 7-5 in the third. 

2004 U.S. Open Quarterfinals versus Jennifer Capriati – The Call(s)
At deuce in opening game of the third set, Serena hit a backhand down the line that was clearly (and called) in. Mariana Alves in the chair, however, overruled the call, spurring Serena to (rightfully) argue her case to no avail. Later in the set, Serena would receive three more 
horrific calls (by linespeople) and lose to Capriati in a charged affair.

2009 French Open 3rd Round versus Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez – “I’m Gunna Get You”
At 2-2 in the first set, Serena faced break point and approached the net after her opponent hit a drop shot. Firing the ball at Martinez Sanchez, Serena hit her in the arm, the ball bouncing back on Williams’ side. Instead of the chair awarding Serena the point and the game going to deuce, the game went to MJMS and on-court mics caught Serena saying “I’m gunna get you in the lockerroom. 
Serena won 6-4 in the third.

2009 U.S. Open Semifinals versus Kim Clijsters – Foot Fault
While it may never be clear whether the call was correct or not (Serena has said she believes the lineswoman was correct), Serena was called for a footfault at 5-6, 15-30 in the second set, on her second serve. Down two match points, Serena berated the lineswoman not once, but twice, towering over the seated, petite woman, waving her finger and cursing her. Serena would be defaulted because of the warning rule, and the drama continues to play out over what’s next for tennis’ former queen, and current diva.

short balls: still going and going and…

September 13, 2009

The US Open is still happening. In fact, the women’s final is taking place as I write this on Sunday night. For the second straight year, the men will meet a day after the tournament was scheduled to end. Tomorrow’s championship will feature none other than Mr. Roger Federer, facing off against Juan Martin del Potro, a top ten player that many have been talking about for awhile. 

Seems as though this tournament – which at one time was thought to be Melanie Oudin‘s stomping ground – will now forever be remembered as the grand slam where Serena Williams completely lost it. No matter what your opinion on the call, everyone can quite agree that Serena was a little out of line, no? Perhaps out of sorts, too?

The entire tennis world – and beyond – is in argument over what really happened and what should be done with the Serena Sitch, but we still can’t get over the dress her opponent, Flavia Pennetta, wore in the quarterfinals. That’s right, we’re digging the Italian’s look for the USO. Check out Guy Trebay’s take over at the NYT. Flavia is flaunting the dress, below.

While Flavia was busy looking good on the court, her fourth-round victim Vera Zvonareva was busy coming unravelled on it, quite literally. After blowing match points in the second set, Zvonareva completely imploded in the the third, hitting herself in the face, stomping her feet and trying to unravel the tape on her knees before going down 6-0 in the final set. Vera the headcase? Here to stay. And too bad, this girl has a lot of talent.

And while I’ve finished up this post, so too has Kim Clijsters finished up her second U.S. Open title. A picture of sheer joy after the cut. Congrats, Kimmie. (more…)

flushing fashion: tsf @

September 10, 2009


Our look at the big fashion statements at this year’s U.S. Open is now up at’s The Moment blog.


size does matter

September 9, 2009


We guess everything is bigger in New York City. Or wait, isn’t that Texas?! In any case, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we laid our eyes on the chair umpire’s microphone Wednesday night during the Roger FedererRobin Soderling match.

Are they for real?! That thing is so big it needs its own neighborhood name in Queens. We’re thinking Mico. Or GiMiVi (Giant Microphone Village). 

Supposedly tennis’ biggest stadium also needs tennis’ biggest microphone. What’s next? Tennis’ biggest line judge chairs?! Reminds us of those couches in Charleston, which you can see after the cut. (more…)

streetwise serena

September 9, 2009


Serena Williams may be in the semifinals of the U.S. Open this week, but she’s also hanging out on the corner of Houston and Bowery in SoHo, New York. Williams’ plastered-on, illustrated image in this Nike ad caught our attention today while we trotted off to Whole Foods for some lunch.

What do you think? Are you a fan of illustrated Serena? Tell us.

(photo by rantingdetails)

another peek

September 9, 2009


Though his scrambling effort just wasn’t enough, we’re giving Gael Monfils another day in the TSF spotlight with kudos to that bod. Looks like the Frenchman has been hitting the gym. If anything, the perennial top 20 player will be back in 2010 as a threat at the must-be-in-good-shape Aussie, and – of course – at the grueling French Open.

What Dolphins fan sported a visor in the stands yesterday on Ashe? Check it out after the jump. (more…)


September 8, 2009


While the fashion always has its moment in the spotlight each year at the US Open, New York-based designer Danielle Ribner is doing her best to make tennis clothes more than just a once-a-year who’s-wearing-what.

“This line is for girls like me,” Ribner said in her Chelsea studio last week, when TSF sat down with her to talk about her trendy chic line, Loup. “I wanted cute, feminine clothes that you could play in, but wear after.”

After attending Parsons in NYC, Ribner worked in women’s fashion before setting out on her own to create Loup. “I realized that no one was really doing anything about this niche, and still, I’m the only one,” Ribner explained. “All these technical fabrics make them really easy to wear, and you can go from the court to running errands and not feel out of place.”

Ribner swears to this, saying she’s sporting her duds all over the city during the humid summer and she always feels extra comfy. “And it’s especially good for traveling since all the stuff is so versatile.”

One player who is packing Loup in her suitcases is American Sydni Katz, a 20-year-old traveling on the ITF Tour. Player comfort is something Ribner said she was almost obsessed with, making sure the fabric and fit were just perfect. “I used soft and silky athletic materials, but the clothes look like something you would find at a cute boutique.”

The San Dieguito Pro Shop in California is one such boutique that is carrying Loup. But Ribner promises the brand is expanding, and says she’s working on making connections on the East Coast.

See more of the Loup line after the cut.


sitting down with sorana

September 7, 2009


Sorana Cirstea is one of the most talked about up-and-comers on the WTA Tour, and the Romanian teenager has made her arrival known on the court this year with consistent results thanks to plenty of power tennis.

Cirstea’s big arrival came in Paris in May, when she upset Jelena Jankovic at the French Open and advanced to the quarterfinals

Not only is the 19-year-old’s game beautiful, she’s a gorgeous one herself. Cirstea fell in the third round of the Open to doubles partner Caroline Wozniacki in straight sets. But before all that happened, TSF sat down with the 26th-ranked player in the world at Mason’s Tennis Mart, the official store of the U.S. Open, prior to the beginning of the tourney thanks to Wilson tour marketing manager (and former WTA pro) Tracy Almeda-Singian.

Here’s what Sorana had to say (and wear) at her Wilson signing:

TSF: So what do you think? Are you in love with New York City yet?!
Sorana Cirstea: It took an hour and a half to get to the hotel from the airport, so that’s all the New York I’ve seen so far! We had dinner last night at a Japanese restaurant and then went straight to bed because of the time change. But hopefully I’ll have time for shopping. Shopping is great here. 

TSF: Speaking of shopping, are you going to hang around NYC to do any after the Open? What else do you want to do while in the Big Apple?
SC: I really love the Broadway shows. We always go and see the shows in Vegas when I practice there [with Steffi Graf]. We have planned to stay a few days after the tournament, hopefully for one day of all shopping; from morning to night, just shopping!

Check out the rest of our interview with Sorana and a complete look at her outfit after the jump.



September 6, 2009


Frenchman Gael Monfils showed he isn’t just lanky legs and acrobatic tennis. Boy’s got some biceps, too. He won his third round match on Friday and plays Rafael Nadal in the round of 16.

Bicep battle? Game on, boys.

anyone from puma out there?

September 4, 2009

Reader Andy is jonesing for this Puma outfit worn by Martina Navratilova during her 1983 U.S. Open win. The tennis great tucked the brown and white polo into a high-waisted skirt. Does anyone out there know how Andy can get one?

Too bad the sports company is out of the tennis business; they had some good stuff, most recently with Serena. (And it’s not like Puma’s lacking in the design department: they’ve had great collabs with Alexander McQueen and kozyndan.) Off the court, the closest Puma comes to tennis are the reissues of Guillermo Vilas shoes — the GV Love — as part of their archive collection.

our hearts go out to jelena

September 4, 2009

At least you’re one of the tourney’s best dressed? We’re sending good vibes to Jelena Jankovic, who tried to play through her second round match against Kazakhstan’s Yaroslava Shvedova after learning that her grandmother had passed away the night before.

Alas, the always emotional player couldn’t cut through the noise, falling to Shvedova 6-3, 6-7 (4), 7-6 (6).

“You could see I was not happy on the court. I was really suffering,” Jelena shared during her post-match press conference. “I tried to think about my tennis, but I felt like I was so late and so slow.”

A fiery player like Jelena is bound to be affected by such off-court events. We wish her and Snezana the best, and hope that she bounces back soon. As you may remember, Jelena also spent some time earlier this year dealing with her mother’s health issues.

Meanwhile, Shvedova is one of a few ladies that can push through to the quarterfinals, but might fall at that point to Dinara Safina.

denise does the open

September 3, 2009


It’s a backside view folks, but that’s none other than Denise Capriati digging through her bag at the Sam Querrey-Kevin Kim Thursday afternoon match at the US Open.

D-Cap was sporty in an athletic blue tee that she had bunched up on her shoulders to reveal shapely arms. Wondering where Jennifer got those biceps? Definitely not from Stefano, at least from what we’ve gathered.

Denise sat alone, texting on her iPhone constantly, wearing big bling on her wedding finger (are her and Stefano still together?!) and both wrists and flipping through a Ralph Lauren catalog from a purchase bag. What was in it? We’re not sure.

We are sure, however, that D-Cap makes the A-List in our book. This ain’t no D-List post, my friends.

And what does this mean about a Jennifer comeback?! Oh, the agony!

(tsf photo)

sunday survey (arrives on wednesday)

September 1, 2009


So we’re a little late on the Sunday Survey this week, but for good reason: we needed the US Open to start. Here at TSF we take fashion serious, especially on the tennis court. In what other sport can players be world-class athletes and trend-setting globe trotters all at once? Not tied to a uniform, tennis players can express who they are while they’re on the court. Can’t say that about many other sports, can you?

While we have our fair share of opinions, we always appreciate the conscious effort of players to look their best. You remember that old-guy’s-club saying: Dress for success. Well, we agree.

So, here’s our Sunday Survey question: Has the media been too hard on tennis fashion? Is there too much critique-ing going on and not enough embracing and encouraging? Or is tennis fashion just that bad right now? What do you think? Comment below. 

(photo via yahoo! sports)

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