more for you, ellesse for us


We Americans continue to get the short end of the Ellesse stick as the Italian company keeps on with its 50th anniversary this year. They’re read to roll out the fall/winter 09 collection, and it’s boosted by a campaign shot in London by Chinese photographer Kai Z. Feng. Those unfamiliar with Feng’s work should check out his portfolio. A Google Image search of his name also turns up some yummy pics.

Meanwhile, the United States is still sitting tight for Ellesse action.

More: Visit their website for more info.



3 Responses to “more for you, ellesse for us”

  1. Tennis This Says:

    Any word on the Lascote heir? What about Roddick’s new threads?

    • Erwin Says:

      From what I’ve been told I think Andy is stickin with Lacoste…

      • Tennis This Says:

        Really???? This is kind of a shock to me. There was a lot of talk about his switch and now he’s sticking with them? Finding that a bit odd. Thanks for the update and if anything changes, please let us/me know!

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