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sunday survey: yankee dreams

October 3, 2009


Men’s tennis in America hasn’t shined for a while on the ATP Tour, the last slam coming for a Yank at the 2003 USO when Roddick took the crown. It was an especially topsy turvy season for Roddick, James Blake and Sam Querrey in 2009.

With the new year around the corner, we wonder:

Which American man will step up big in 2010? Can Isner follow his US Open success? Can Ginepri prove Indy wasn’t a fluke? Will Taylor Dent continue his comeback? Was Wimbledon the last stand for Andy? Or a sign that he wants it more than ever? Can James Blake find his fire again? What’s next for (now-injured) Sam Querrey? And who – just who – will be the next big American star? Buchanan? Harrison? McClune?!

There are plenty of names to talk about, plenty of pros and cons to each and every player, but TSF is curious to know what you think about the future of men’s tennis in America – especially in 2010.

(photo by one-one via flickr)


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