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get ’em while they’re squishy

October 4, 2009

Dinara Safina was greeted by a big fan club of one (see background) upon arriving in Beijing this last week. Well, that’s actually just Gumby’s blue cousin, Blumby. He’s waving with fervor, and Dinara is def doing her best to ignore him. She’s obviously supes embarrassed.

With the China Open officially under the way we did some perusing on their web site to find some 中网纪念品  – or, in English, “China Open souvenirs”  Our first fave is these miniature key chains:
But they don’t top these gems below. These squishy friends are sporting tennis onesies (a skirt for the female and shorts for the male) and remind me of drawings I did as a child before I knew people had bodies and connected their legs to their heads. Loves it.Squishy-onesies-ChinaOpen09

After the cut, see the Olympic Stadium all ready for the tourney. (more…)


rafa: lookin’ goodie in the hoodie

October 4, 2009


Has Rafael Nadal ever looked cuter? We don’t think so. Check him out in this promotional video for Nike’s new hoodie line, AW77.

Check out the jump for a peek at’s front page that features Rafa, Maria and Serena! Tennis takeover!? We think so. (more…)

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