rafa: lookin’ goodie in the hoodie



Has Rafael Nadal ever looked cuter? We don’t think so. Check him out in this promotional video for Nike’s new hoodie line, AW77.

Check out the jump for a peek at Nike.com’s front page that features Rafa, Maria and Serena! Tennis takeover!? We think so.


(screengrab via nike.com)



2 Responses to “rafa: lookin’ goodie in the hoodie”

  1. Lindsay S Says:

    I loooove the pictures of Rafa from this photo shoot. Probably some of the best taken of him. He just looks comfortable in front of the camera in a way he’s never been before.

  2. Natalie Says:

    Can you say male model? He looked very natural and unaffected, not self-conscious at all.

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