chiudinelli: hum or yum?


The third best Swiss ATPer, Marco Chiudinelli, made it through qualifying at this week’s Rakuten Japan Open and beat Dudi Sela 4-6, 6-1, 6-4. He’s had momentum as of late, making it to the third round of the U.S. Open and the quarters of last week’s Thailand Open. Unfortunately, he lost his only rubber at the World Group 2009 Davis Cup Playoff tie against Italy (his doubles match with Wawrinka against Starace and Bolelli). Still, Switzerland won it 3-2.

Looking ahead: The Rakuten Japan Open counts Del Potro, Simon, Tsonga, and Monfils as its top seeds. MC next plays Monfils. The draw’s here (pdf).

And now to the important stuff:

a) Marco’s outfitted with clothes from HI-PRO’s Black and White Collection. HI-PRO is a sports marketing company founded by Ivo Heuberger — a former pro and one of Martina Hingis‘s former flames.

b) I was once told I like really bland guys (and I sort of believe them. Exhibit A), but I’m thinking my new fascination is Chiudi is the real deal. Take a look at the pics after the cut and help me out?

(off-court images from; on-court via Getty Images)



17 Responses to “chiudinelli: hum or yum?”

  1. Johanna Says:

    He’s handsome. And the photo with him petting the lion cubs… it’s funny when post such photos… All the same, handsome.

  2. BW Says:

    i saw him live at the US open this year and let me tell you, he SURE IS YUMMY!!! i’ll totally back you up on that.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Well, his body looks great and his face will most definitely do.
    I guess I have another one to add to my watch list.

  4. GR Says:

    Definitely yum. And I’m glad to see Marco has finally broken into the ATP Top 100 with some great performances including a near win over Tsonga in Bangkok. Congrats!

  5. chris Says:

    if Chiudinelli makes you happy then go for it. weren’t you also the same guy who thought youzhny & davydenko were hot? i would question those 2 way more than Chiudinelli.

  6. matt Says:

    he is not ho hum… he is totally hot. i dont think he’s plain looking at all.

  7. B Says:

    Marco is hot. (no straight chick would pass by him without a second glance) check him out in Roger’s davis cup celebration song video wearing the swiss track suit. he can also do all sorts of tricks with a football 😉 also can be found on youtube. michael lammer is also another looker on the swiss team, check him out at swiss guys rock!

  8. luvly Says:

    my vote swiss davis cup team is the hottest roger, stan, marco and michael

  9. Kate Says:

    He’s freaking adorable! The wink, the lions, the abs–oh my! There’s a lot of personality in these photos alone. I wouldn’t say he’s bland at all…

  10. Joshua Says:

    First of all, Davydenko is not “bland”! How dare you! He has an irresistible combination of goofiness and sinister scheming that is completely hot. Plus, he’s basically see-through. There is no debating the complete gorgeousness of Kolya.

    Compare this, to, say, Nadal whose good looks are so pretty and common as to be boring and whose personality amounts to an adrenaline overdose and nothing else. Bring a book!

    Second of all, Chiudinelli is definitely handsome in a muscle-twinky sort of way. Although I cringe to see him with lion cubs, as I was once assaulted by just such an adorable creature at a mall. Still, it’s clear that tennis ability and good looks have an inverse correlation in the Alps.

  11. goodguy1106 Says:

    I have really liked Chiudinelli for a while now actually, believe it or not. And I fell in love after I saw how he greeted Lammer at the net after his victory today. (At the 2:50 mark)

  12. lola montez Says:

    He is not good looking. nice fit body but those are dime a dozen at the gyms & on the basketball courts & sports playing field. I know plenty of better looking men. His face is nothing. I wouldn’t give him a second look not even a first look. Nothing stands out at all. Get some standards. If a tennis player is on that level he’s worthy of all the accolades you desperate females spew out. Spectacular male specimens are very few in tennis

    • p.m. Says:

      LOL, you’re probably really ugly. (or really plain looking… and that’s being generous)

      Topic: Marco is definitely yum in a very cute/adorable way!

  13. Stevie Says:

    Mmmm I like Marco a lot. I have some lovely pics of him. Some hot captures of him I have taken during a match. He has a wonderful arse mmmm

  14. Courtney Says:


  15. Chris Says:

    not a doubt: YUM

  16. Robert Says:

    Yum on the left, hum on the right.

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