serena williams — in the buff — on the cover of espn the magazine



Just when we thought we’d seen Serena as real as she could get — thanks to that U.S. Open semifinal — she ups the ante by appearing naked on one of six covers of ESPN The Magazine‘s “Body Issue”, on newsstands October 19.

The other five athletes are mixed martial artist Gina Carano, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, triathlete (and amputee) Sarah Reinertsen, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, and Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. Click on the photos above to enlarge.

(image via HuffPo)


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6 Responses to “serena williams — in the buff — on the cover of espn the magazine”

  1. Peter Drekker Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she should be banned from tennis? Or at least suspended for awhile? And ok, I think she’s hot. But that’s beside the point. This writer was spot on :

  2. Tahoe Editor Says:

    Yes, get over it. Andre Agassi fired a ball directly at a lineswoman and wasn’t suspended.

    Enough already. She got a very shaky call, but that hardly justified her reaction. She messed up. She apologized, albeit belatedly. She got fined. She took some of her aggression out on Liezel Huber and Cara Black in the doubles final. Not a proud moment for her or for tennis, but let’s move on. If the ITF suspends her or fines her further, it will be a miscarriage of justice. If further penalized, Serena would be very much within her rights to highlight selective enforcement. Enough. Something can be indefensible without being unforgivable. Can’t it?

    She’s the new No. 1. She shouldn’t be excluded from competition at the Australian Open or any other event. Suggested she should be “banned from tennis” or suspended “for a while” until the haters cool down is absurd.

    Thank you,
    Tahoe Editor

  3. Erwin Says:

    banning her from the WTA is essentially like shutting down the tour.

  4. Tennis This Says:

    Hmmm….I don’t think it would shut down the tour. It might give it some extra publicity. There should be more than just a fine, perhaps take some points away or something. Yeah, a lot of tennis pros take it out on the line judges and chair umpires, but not once have they ever made a direct threat against their lives. That’s absurd and there should be some punishment (other than a small fine).

  5. notanothertennisfan Says:

    The best thing about this entry are the instructions: Click on the photos above to enlarge. Blah blah blah Serena and HELLO NASCAR!

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