fashion focus: caro’s spring and summer + stella mccartney spring 2010


adidas has released pics of what Caroline Wozniacki will be wearing for the spring and summer of 2010.

The highlight is the biker’s-jacket-as-warmup, which comes in green/grey (“slate”) and white. The dress, available in white and grey (“alloy”), has some floral detail all the way down the front. We’re also keen on those bloomers-esque shorts and the scalloped performance skirt. the gym hoodie’s ho-hum, as is the color palette. Check them all out (along with our recommendations for Caro’s warm-up and training looks) after the cut. (What do you think of next year’s goods? Tell us!)

Meanwhile, Stella also showed a proper collection as part of Paris fashion week. We love the bright colors and the fun curves on these gam-friendly dresses. Earlier that week, she had a more casual presentation for the entire adidas by Stella McCartney line, which this season also includes cycling and triathlon apparel.

Browsin’: See the adidas by Stella McCartney Spring 2010 showing here, and the Stella McCartney Spring 2010 rtw show here.

More here: A few more images from the adidas by Stella McCartney collection after the cut…

This sleeveless hoodie from the Gym Dance line would be good for Caro’s warm-up/training sessions.

These two tees are good for training.

Three of our favorite looks from the Spring 2010 Stella show.

(tennis images courtesy of adidas; stella images via

(Corrected 10/10/2009)


4 Responses to “fashion focus: caro’s spring and summer + stella mccartney spring 2010”

  1. kaitepai Says:

    First skirt and first hoodie = awesome. Maybe not so keen on the rest. I would like to see the dress without the IMO hideous cropped hood over it.

    Love the one sleeved top and those awesome pants at the bottom.

    I am a fan of Stella but I think I liked her last collection better. That purple flowered tennis skirt was just too cute!

  2. david Says:

    Poor Caroline, Kirilenko’s clothes were much better than this…
    Picture 4- is that a skirt or shorts?
    My favorite piece is the first jacket.

  3. Pic Me Up: Yes Please « Mind The Racket Says:

    […] new post served up over on Tennis Served Fresh giving a glimpse into Caro’s new stuff for next year […]

  4. anon Says:

    stella mccartney showed in paris fashion week not london fashion week. 😀

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