nole djokovic: like clockwork


Trophy goes up, clothes come off: The winning ways of Novak Djokovic haven’t changed. Here are photos taken after his title win at the China Open against Marin Cilic. Never has TSF been so thankful for old habits dying hard.

Pics after the cut…

(images via Getty)


5 Responses to “nole djokovic: like clockwork”

  1. nmccarvel Says:

    What is that bandana on his wrist?! LOVE it!

  2. robert Says:

    The bandana has the China Open logos on it. Check out the photos of Kuznetsova with her trophy – she has exactly the same, only red.

  3. Hmmm Says:

    You are the best for posting these.

  4. Carolee Says:

    Nice to see Nole back in the winners’ circle… and he looks great in that orange color!

  5. zabet magda Says:

    Din inima, felicitari pentru Cupa Davis.As fi dorit s-o urmarim si noi Romanii, insa Eurosport-canalul care ne transmite cele mai frumoase meciuri de tenis-n-a preluat si pt.noi.
    Iti doresc un “An Nou”cu sanatate si cu urarea de a fi cat mai bun, dar nu cu orice pret.Sanatatea pe primul plan.Si pt.familia ta multa sanatate si multumiri pe cat mai multe planuri.

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