almost, but not quite: caroline wozniacki



We’re trying to figure out what’s off with Caro‘s look. Is it the medusa hair? The black leather watch against the pale grey/purple adidas by Stella McCartney dress?

Bee tee dubs: (We’ve been drooling over watches lately, can you tell?) That honkin’ CW8 watch from Rosendahl was made with Caro in mind. The number 8 — her lucky number — is a big part of the watch dial’s design. Why that number? Think Beijing: “A dream of mine is also bound up in the 8th month of 2008 (and no doubt for lots of other sports people, too – need I say more?). Dreams and goals are important to me. I wish you every success and happiness with yours,” she says in a company brochure.

Draw: At this week’s HP Japan Women’s Open, Caroline defeated fellow Woz Aleksandra Wozniak 6-2, 6-7 (1), 6-2 (this, after she let Wozniak through to the quarters of the Toray Pan Pacific Open because of a viral illness). She faces Sam Stosur in the semis. Draw here.

(image via Getty)


5 Responses to “almost, but not quite: caroline wozniacki”

  1. Hmmm Says:

    I don’t like that dress she wears in any color. It looks to me like the elastic part goes around her butt instead of going around her waist. (Or is it just her body type that makes it look like that?) Maybe I’m not “with it” enough to get that dress. I remember thinking her dress looked sloppy in the US Open final. And it’s all she ever wears, in different colors.

    She is pretty, though.

  2. robert Says:

    This is so-called dropped-waist dress and it only suits 0 size models, not chunky babyfat girls. Kirilenko has narrower hips and could pull it off somewhat. Hair is indeed Medusa, and Woz is actually fishfaced and buckteeth, not pretty at all. Fail all around.

  3. Anon Says:

    I have to agree with the NYT when they commented that that dress makes her look like she’s “auditioning for the Ice Capades”. The dress is a disaster.

  4. kaitepai Says:

    I actually think it’s the colour. The baby grey and pinks don’t match her skin tone at all. They need to be on someone a lot more tanned. Or they just needed to change the colour for Caro.

    She is a a pretty thing with a nice body, the dress just makes her washed out and there is 5kg too much fabric on it!

  5. excuse me? Says:

    Are you all kidding me? I don’t understand all these negative comments… This dress is absolutely gorgeous. If it was still on the market I’d buy it in every color. Its one of my favorite tennis dresses that I’ve seen the pros wear. She looks totally adorable in it and pulls it off amazingly. The light gray color highlights her gorgeous fair skin, and I think she looks lovely. Maybe you all should just get a fashion sense!

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