sunday survey: your pick for doha


Another topsy, turvy WTA season has come to a close… well, almost. This coming week Doha will take place in all its glory, though it was recently voted by players as the 10th most important stop on the tour. Ouch. So much for that “5th Slam” status.

Last year’s finalist, the always-emotional Vera Zvonareva, was 9th in race points, and will miss an opportunity to play mind games with the high-ranking ladies of the tour the way she did a year ago (unless someone pulls out).

Speaking of possible puller-outers, Caroline Wozniacki will make her maiden appearance at the round-robin formatted stop, as will Victoria Azarenka. Dinara Safina arrives as the top points-winner, top seed and world number one, though it’s hard to imagine her confidence is bursting after the fall she’s had. Serena Williamsย is the number two seed, a position she usually thrives in.

So what do you think? Will Venus defend her crown? Can Serena end the year as number one in the world and win her first non-Slam tournament in 18 months? Will Caroline or Victoria surprise us all? Or do Jelena, Elena, Dinara or Sveta have what it takes to end their up-and-down seasons on a high note?

Leave your comment below and let us know just who you think will be the Doll of Doha.

Correction made 10/26.


16 Responses to “sunday survey: your pick for doha”

  1. X Says:

    safina’s coming in as top seed. boys, this blog’s gotten a bit slow/sloppy as of late. *friendly nudge*

  2. nmccarvel Says:

    Serena is the overall world No. 1, but Safina was the top points-getter in the Race to the Championships…,,12781,00.html

    Thanks for checking up on us, X! We always like to check our facts ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. X Says:

    no problem. pretty sure about this, though. when rankings change tom, safina will be no. 1 again and will be the top seed at the tour finals. several reports on this already…


  4. Mango Says:

    Isn’t it sort of natural that the Championships in Doha won’t rank that high in terms of importance to the players since only 8 women can play? Those 8 women (plus maybe the alternates) are the only people who value it, but at a larger tourney with a larger field, a journey-woman ranked 57 who will never near the top-10 still has a chance to win it.

  5. Carolee Says:

    Other than Caroline, none of the women are “dolls”. I wish she was not injured. I get tired of the unattractive style of play by the women… when Clijsters and Henin return, the play will be much more beautiful. Get well, Caro!

  6. chris Says:

    it definitely will be an interesting year. id put my money on venus since she seems to play better against the better players.

  7. Marine Says:

    I wish Dinara won it would be a real blessing for her. Not sure though, fragile psyche is still there. I think Venus might have a fair chance. However I think Dementieva or Kuzy will surprise us this year.

  8. JFK Says:

    I would love for Kuzy to win! But really I see one of the Williams sisters winning it. But,man if Dinara could win it, it could really help her confidence for 2010.

  9. Nez Says:

    ill go against the current and go for JJ to pull something out of her ANTA pockets

  10. Nez Says:

    Azarenka and JJ for the finals!

  11. Style Slam Says:

    Caroline Wozniacki and maybe Dementieva…

  12. Hmmm Says:

    It’ll be Serena. And I predict a Serana/ JJ final. (Venus and Caro as the semifinalists, unless Caro’s injury is bad.)

  13. Tahoe Editor Says:

    Elena took ONE (1) game off V in Stanford. I predict an all-Williams final.

    BTW, 5th Slam = Miami

  14. Marine Says:

    I see Elena in the final now, this performance was amazing!

  15. Patchoi Says:

    i go for jj and elena! let’s change the lineup a bit!

  16. Carsten Broich Says:

    Have a great day! Really enjoyed reading !

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